Friday, June 10, 2011

the little hussy

She had it coming to her.
After that whole prodigal child thing she pulled a while back.

Today we are removing her femininity from her.
That is what the prodigal son's father would have done, right?

Of course she couldn't eat before surgery.
We put all her food away in this container.
Good thing Eric sealed the lid up really tight - she was going after that bucket something fierce.
She also went after me something fierce.
I've got a bunch all over my side too.  I had the pleasurable job of taking her into the van.  The funny thing is that she struggled like crazy while I was trying to get her in the van, but taking her out of the van and into the vet clinic was a piece of cake.

I'm kind of proud of the marks.  Maybe they'll scar and I can tell people they are from the war.

A few hours later, we picked up kitty.
Then we put her down on the floor of our house, watched her try to walk and laughed at her.
Okay, we didn't do that on purpose.  But she did try to walk and I don't think the anesthetic had completely worn off yet.  It was rather comical.
She got a nice big green bandage around her middle and was rather docile for the rest of the day.
She was looking longingly to go out again.
We hope the little tramp learned her lesson.

Kidding - only kidding!!
I actually felt rather sorry for the poor little poopsey and we took very good care of her.

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