Thursday, June 2, 2011

the bigger the enemy, the bigger the defeat

Over the past four days I have been in what seems like constant prayer.
That part is good.
What is not so good is what I have been in prayer about.

There is a terrible, horrific situation involving a treasure of a person.  Someone who is sweet, innocent and precious.  This little person is going through hell on earth.  While I know little of the situation, what I do know is that it is atrocious.  Horrifyingly wicked.  

This person, this situation has been on my heart, in my mind and in my prayers over and over and over.  I have cried so many tears.  It has overwhelmed me.

There have been many moments in the past days that I have yelled at God.  I have been angry that He far too often allows these horrid things to happen.   Like so many I have asked "How can a God of love sit by and allow precious, innocent people be hurt so intensely?"

But that is where I am wrong.
He doesn't just sit by.

While I have been angry, questioning, frustrated and outraged, God has calmly heard my cries and answered them.  I am praying that He is answering them with miracles of salvation from this situation, but I do know He is active.  
I know His love for this person is deeper and more real than I could possibly imagine.
I know that His grief over this situation is more intense that I could ever feel.
And I know that His power is greater than any other force working here and His wisdom in dealing with it all is the Ultimate.

I still am frustrated.  I still question.
But I have to trust, knowing that He who Loves, Who is Love Itself, is in control.
And the bigger more horrible the situation, the bigger and more wonderful His reign and victory will be.

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