Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my mangled and disheveled son

Can’t remember if I have mentioned the terrible state of Cade’s skin.  He is still covered with bug bites since our trip to the jungle in February.  He must scratch them at night.

Well, then I mentioned the stitches he got the first day back in North America.
He also has mysteriously acquired two sets of scratches on his right cheek.
And yesterday, he got his face full of red juice: the regular cute juice mustache that makes him look very manly and; the irregular cute juice splotch smack dab in the middle of his nose from the lid of his cup (flip up lid.... so every time her flips it up after being closed, it has a fresh dose of color infused  liquid to stain and mar his button nose).
He would be a great candidate for a Compassion International photo....  Dirty, scrawny little malnourished (look at those ribs again) looking kid full of bug bites and gashes. I guess the redness of the dirt might give away the luxury of sugar, artificial flavor and color ladened beverages though.  

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