Sunday, June 5, 2011

hair - day 11 and a rainy, rainy day

I thought I would channel my inner "Alice in Wonderland" today.

And look - I wore a necklace!
Getting fancy.

Being Sunday, we were at Casa G.
It started out being a wonderful, warm and sunny day.  But after lunch the clouds rolled in and we got dumped on.
Lots and lots of rain!
The kids had a fabulous time playing in the rain.

I should said that it was fabulous, until they got tired of it.
Then they made it abundantly clear that they were cold and miserable!
But they had to wait, as the guys were still having a good time playing in the rain.

Yes, I stayed in the sheltered area and took pictures with the fence in the way.
I stayed dry.
Until Lucy got cold and sat her wet bottom on my warm, dry jeans.

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