Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy (or not so) Halloweekend

The scariest part of our halloween:
Tortillas that will always and forever more - stick together.
They never, ever, ever come off nicely as one at a time.
I might just have to take up trying to make my own.
There is only one brand of flour tortillas for purchase here, and they are

This is the second Halloween that I have not had to (or got to - 'cause I really like making them) make Halloween costumes.
I always love the mid-September conversation with the kids:
"So what do you want to be for halloween this year?"
And then they dream up what they want to be and I get to dream up the costumes.
And then they change their minds, so I reinvent a costume.
And then they change their minds again when I am half-way through sewing.
And then I want to shake them and yell "You can't keep changing your minds!!!!!"
So maybe it is good that I haven't had to make costumes.
No, it isn't.
I still love it and miss it.

The whole family, minus Maddy and myself, is at the beach.
We didn't feel like going.


Maddy is sick.
She has been sick for four days - fever, cough and generally felling crappy.
So we had to stay home.
They went with all the Casa G. people, and are having a splendid time, I don't doubt.

We did have a piece of Halloween, though:
The kids that live above us (and the girl that is staying with them) came to trick-or-treat. Of course we had nothing but candy from the kids aforementioned trick-or-treating experience, so I snuck some of it. I figured that they probably wouldn't notice, although Maddy reminded me that Cole (the boy in the picture) will most likely let Cade know.
He is that kind of kid.

Right now, in California, all of our closest friends are together, hanging out at the Wurzbach's for the annual Halloween party and trick-or-treating extravaganza.
Eating chili with all the fixings.
Drinking hot chocolate and serving it to the parents who bring their kids to the door.
All the kids trading their candy after they are done going door-to-door....except nobody trades the full sized bars that the Flynns give out.
Val and Rachel in their 80s clothes with an "I love Sandi Patty" pin on (Val did that one year - hilarious!).
The doctor down the street with the ridiculously elaborate displays, taking polaroids of each kid that comes (and then he gives them the picture).....

They called to skype, but we are being poopy-heads and not skyping.
It is a little too hard on Maddy right now (and a touch hard on me too, to be honest)
Some of our most fun times with our friends have been on that night.
Last year, even though we had our own sort of funnish party, we skyped with them, and Maddy had a very hard time after - missing her friends.
Lots and lots of tears.
So we decided to avoid the whole thing this year.
Especially since we aren't having our own funnish party.
And Maddy is sick.
And she is (we are) missing more fun at the beach.

So, you can't blame us, right?
We aren't being horrible friends, are we?
Is it too selfish?
Well, it might be, but we really just don't need any extra stuff to make more sadness.
They love us.
They'll understand.

Happy Halloweekend!

Monday we went to a Pumpkin Party...
It was about the best thing ever.
(although I tend to say that kind of stuff a lot)
But it really was fun.

A mother of a boy in Lucy's class had it at their house.

She had a frame hung up to take pictures at.
This is Cade (he was a clone....we had to borrow costumes); He threw the wig on and held up a mustache for effect.
For some reason I couldn't download (or is it upload - never quite get that straight - when it is up and when it is down...) Mia's picture. And Lucy was too princessy to do it.
But I wasn't...
Yes, I am charming.

After a few games and a snack, we went trick-or-treating. The hostess set up five houses where we could go. So we all piled into the Bryans' car (also the owners of the costumes, and one of the funnest families we know - I love them - and they also have all blonde kids; so we took care of the gringo corner of the market).
Oh, and Maddy is in the car.
She was hiding.
That is a lot of cuteness.

At one of the houses.
This is my favorite picture:
You'll notice Maddy in the middle of the couch,
in the middle of the picture,
her head down.
She is doing homework in the middle of all the craziness and chaos.

I love that.

Friday, October 29, 2010

craft fair - my initial response

Why isn't my initial response to everything prayer?
Oh how I wish it was.

I received a good reminder from my mommy today (yes, I can call her mommy even if I am forty! So there..... tongue sticking out, fingers waggaling.....).
Just a word that I was going crazy in the brain with all my ideas for the craft fair.... and she knew how crazy (I tend to get a little carried away in the ideas department - how does she know that about me?).
She suggested that I pray.

DUH! Why didn't I think of that?

Sometimes I just don't get how God keeps having patience with me.
Prayer should be my first response - even in what crafts to make.
After all, this sale is about Him - accomplishing His work - not about me.
And I did start to make it about me.
Fancy that, me making it about me.....

Could I get myself off the brain for a while?

I was completely getting carried away with how creative I get to be, how many cool things I get to make with a good excuse, and even.....swallowing a huge lump of pride.....showing off all that I can do.

So now (finally) I will pray.
I will pray that God gives me wisdom to know what to make so that HIS purposes will be accomplished.

Oh please, Lord, help me to always have prayer as my initial response!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it! aka: Maple Nut Scones

If heaven came in food form, it just might be this:
Maple Nut Scones with Pear Butter
Oh My Word.
Muy Rico (en español)

Last week Friday, my friend told me that she had a recipe for these (while we were making Pumpkin Butter together - also quite delish!).
I could not get the thought of them out of my head so I emailed her that same night and asked her for the recipe.
Things were a little too busy with friends staying with us, the aforementioned birthday party, Casa G. day on Sunday and a Pumpkin Patch party on Monday (more on that later)....and on and on.
Yesterday, at our Spanish class, she brought some for us.
Once again:
Oh My Word.

I couldn't wait any longer, so today I had to (HAD to) make them.
They are so good
So. Good.
You'd have to be completely outside your mind to not like them (which would then mean that both her husband and son, and my husband are outside their minds.....).

I never asked her if I could share the recipe, but I'll just take my chances and give it to you.

Know that by giving you this recipe, I am increasing the blessings in your life 100 fold.
You can thank me later.

Maple Nut Scones with Pear Butter

Pear Butter:
1 large very ripe pear, peeled, cored and mashed
1/4 c. softened butter
1 1/2 T pure maple syrup*

3 c. flour
1/3 c. sugar
2 t. baking powder
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. baking soda
1 t. salt
3/4 c. butter, cut into pieces
3/4 c. buttermilk
1 t. imitation maple flavoring*
1 c. pears, peeled and chopped
1/2 c. chopped pecans
1/2 T sugar (for topping)

To prepare butter: Simmer mashed pear in a small saucepan over medium heat for 15 minutes or until liquid has evaporated. Let cool slightly, stir in butter and maple syrup. Let stand at room temp. to thicken.

To prepare scones: Preheat oven to 400. Combine dry ingredients, except 1/2 T sugar. Cut in butter until they are in pea sized pieces. Stir in buttermilk, flavoring, pears and pecans. Turn mixture onto a lightly floured board and knead several times until dough is smooth. Press into a 10 circle and cut into 10 wedges. Place wedges 1 inch apart on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle wedges with the 1/2 T sugar. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown.
Serve with Pear Butter.

*Over here, I couldn't find maple syrup or maple flavoring, so I used pancake syrup. If you don't want to die of sheer delight, you may want to do what I did.... real maple might just be too much goodness for one to handle....

Blog Title? Thank Buddy the Elf

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

multicultural birthday party

Last Saturday, Maddy's friend Ayano turned 13.
Her parents had a party with her friends and their families.
I'm not sure I have ever had so much fun at a party.
Okay, I probably have, but it was simply fabulous!

Ayano and her parents are from Japan. Her dad works with something sort of like the Peace Corps. Their Spanish is really good (their Japanese is the best I have ever heard) and their English is coming, but slowly.
The three of them completely shattered every cultural stereotype I've ever had of Japanese people. They were wild, gregarious, animated and so, so, so much fun. I want them to be my new best friends.
Well, that might be a little extreme, but I would love to hang out with them more.
One of the other friends that was invited is Korean. Her name is Hi-leem. That is probably not how you spell her name but it is how it sounds.
Then there were three friends (and their families) all from the US.
I was telling our friends, who we got to know and love at language school, and who are missionary doctors in Shell, Ecuador (they were up visiting and taking care of business from Thursday to Saturday) about this party we were going to. They asked "No Ecuadorians?"
Nope, no Ecuadorians.
The whole thing was pretty comical. Japan, Korean and the United States (and Canada!!!) represented, at a bowling party, in Ecuador, with Spanish being the predominant language spoken (okay, there was plenty of English too).
The birthday girl, Ayano, with Megan (she was in school with Maddy in Costa Rica), and Maddy. Mia in the background with glowing eyes (shoulda done the red-eye remover thing....)

We had two rounds of bowling.
The first was two teams of the kids (picked numbers) and two teams of adults.
They had prizes for first place, thirteenth place (in honor of the birthday girl), and last place.
Ayano's parents (Rubriko and Sakari) were amazing!!!!
Is Japan a bowling hot-spot?
They killed us all - but were gracious enough to not take the first place prizes.

Cade got a prize. And I almost got a prize.
For last place.
Yup, I tied with my seven-year-old, very-small-for-his-age, could-hardly-find-a-ball-light-enough-for-him, son.
And I wasn't trying for the last place prize.
Then, since we tied for last place, we had to row-sham-bow (for some reason that didn't come up in spell check....) for the prize.
First three hits we did the same sign.
Fourth time he crushed my scissors.

I was the ultimate looser.
This is Cade getting his prize - a package of toilet paper!!
I thought he might cry about it - but he loved it!!!

Since then Eric has even offered to buy the toilet paper from him and he could pocket the cash (over $8) and he wants to keep the toilet paper!

The next round was the family round.
Each family bowled against each other, with the same number of times to bowl.
Even though we had the two previous losers on the same team
The Ackermann's rule!
Rubriko made some amazing food and fantastic cake.
There was quite a spread laid out for our constant enjoyment.
All the kids.

Guess what our kids want to do for their birthday parties now?

Friday, October 22, 2010

night time art

It was 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night.
A full hour after we put Lucy to bed.
I am just getting out of the shower and I encounter Lucy in my bathroom.
"Mommy, I had an accident"
"What honey? What kind of accident?"
(Thinking, of course, it was pee)
"I accidently wrote on my wall"
"I wrote on my wall. It was an accident"
"An accident?"
Off we troop to see this "accident":
The darker shading is my attempt to wipe it off... it was apparently washable marker.
Washable off of what, exactly?

She also had a bad dream, apparently.
So I graciously tuck her in our bed, tell her we will deal with the accident tomorrow and head off to show Eric the latest.

Eric said that she actually had come into the kitchen first and asked where I was. He asked her what she wanted.
She said "I'm not going to tell you." and headed off to find me.
He didn't pursue it.
He was watching the Giants game.
(through his brother Michael's sling box.... not sure if I should thank you Michael or put curses by your name)

Eric wasn't sure if we should be more upset that she drew on her walls, that she was fooling around an hour after she was supposed to be sleeping, or that she spelled her name wrong....


If you know me, you know I am "into" our location on our fine, fine planet.
I comment (or complain?) a lot about our elevation, and I think it is pretty cool that we are pretty much on the equator (ie: ecuador). The name of our newsletter is based on our location: Latitude 0.1
So it is kinda fitting that I make something to commemorate where we live.
I actually made it about two months ago, but have spent two months looking for pillow stuffing (fiber fill.... whatever you want to call it).
Can't find it.
So, I bought a pillow - a bed pillow - and tore it apart.
Now I have plenty of stuffing.
My dear friend, Julie, turned me on to these fun letter stamps (the kit comes with fabric paint). I just mixed up an orange and stamped away. The fabric is left over from our sofa cover. We no longer needed our slip cover for our sofa but needed one for a sofa chair. After I altered it for the chair I had fabric left over.
And it is soft even.
Small thing thrill me.

If you go to google earth, you could put in these coordinates and you would wind up right on our house.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the idea

A little update for you all:
While convalescing (I love spell-check....) this whole past week, I was able to do some emailing.
Found out that the school already holds a craft fair.
Sort of.
Pooh that I don't get to put one on and make a killing (I mean that in the nicest, most kind terms, in the want-to-make-as-much-money-for-the-cause kind of way) from being the organizer.
Good in that I have an avenue to make stuff and sell it - still can make some money right?
And I might talk to the organizer and see about doing one in spring - one that I would put on. If she is in favor, and the school is okay with it, I think I will ask all the vendors who are selling at this Christmas one and see if they would be interested in doing a spring one. The spring deals usually don't do nearly as well as the Christmas one, but it still would be something.
More prayer needed, please!
So now I am making a list of things to make - and a long list it is.
I am going to ask the organizer what things people are selling (she has people list it when they sign up). Then I will emphasize things that no one else is doing.
I think I might also see if there are a bunch of people from Youth World who might want to do some craft nights with me so we can get more stuff made..... and also invite other people to make other stuff to have at the table. I'm hoping that some other people might get as excited about it as I am. Well, that might be reaching pretty high - maybe just that some other people will get somewhat excited about it.....
It would be great if you could pray that I would know what to make (what would sell well and make a decent profit for Casa G.) and that others would want to get involved.

fancy mirror

Good news.
As of yesterday, my headaches have downgraded themselves from
butcher-knife-in-the-right-eye to merely temples-in-a-vice-grip.
Baby steps.

So in celebration, I crafted.
It was an easy one, so as to not over-do things (when do I ever do that??) and get my caring and concerned (concerned that he is going to have to keep doing dishes for another week) husband's undies in a bunch.
He really does do it because he cares about me. Its not just about the dishes.

I had been looking for a cheap mirror for this project for two months or so now and kept getting frustrated. Mirrors are not cheap here, and again, not much in terms of thrift and dollar stores. But patience was my friend.
About two weeks ago I found a mirror - not sure it really can be called a mirror.... it certainly isn't glass.
Anyway, I found a "mirror" for a $1!!! At Pycca.
I was elated.
I moseyed on over to Supermaxi (Local grocery store chain..... most people have a hard time initially keeping a straight face with that name. The also have a Megamaxi....) and picked me up two sizes of skewers.
I had to build up the back of the frame, as it was not flush with the back edge of the mirror frame.... so I cut up a broken plastic lid and glued that in there.
Once that was dry, I hot glued the skewers in a lovely pattern to the new flush back of the mirror.
A little gold spray paint and.....
ta da:
Fancy Looking Mirror
(its official name)
I think Eric might even like it.
He said it looked cool and I don't think he was being sarcastic even.
Now both Lucy and Maddy want one for their rooms.
It was pretty easy, cheap and fast, so I might even consent, if Pycca still has more mirrors (they did have 2 pink ones at the time of purchase).
Oh, and I did clean the mirror - after I took the picture....

I put it over the fireplace.
I was kind of excited to finally "get to" this space, but the same day I made this, the kids knocked down the mantel.
It might be a while until the mantel gets properly installed (it was there when we moved in - and wasn't put up very well in the first place).
I think I'm going to give a Thanksgiving deadline (are you reading this Eric?)....after all, everyone knows that a very important part of Christmas is the fireplace and its mantel. Right? And since I am not allowed to decorate until after Thanksgiving....
(Canada is much better. As soon as Halloween is over - Christmas is fair game)

I might take advantage of the situation and paint the fire place but I'm just not sure what to go with as far as color goes.
I'm up for input.... hint, hint.
As you can see, the paint color (most of the house) is "hueso blanco" - bone white... more creamy than what the US equivalent would be (does that mean Latin American's bones are a more yellowy/creamy color than North American's.... hmmm).
I still haven't wanted to commit to much.
We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Horse and His Boy

Here is comes, and its a good one.
C.S. Lewis is one great author...
(I hope you can catch all this without reading the whole book, but then again, why not just read the whole book....or better yet, the whole series?)

Mia and I read this chapter last night, and yes, I cried through the whole section. It is a bit of a long quote, but bear with me.

It is chapter 11 and near the end of the book. The main character, Shasta, has been through a lot, completed (well, pretty much) his "mission" and now is lost, alone and very frustrated. Okay, well, he thought he was alone, but he isn't. He has discovered some Thing beside him and has begun talking to it. It says to Shasta "Tell me your sorrows."

And so Shasta begins:
"...he told how he had never known his real father or mother and had been brought up sternly by the fisherman. And then he told the story of his escape and how they were chased by lions and forced to swim for their lives; and of all their dangers in Tashbaan and about his night among to tombs and how the beasts howled at him out of the desert. And he told about the heat and thirst of their desert journey and how they were almost at their goal when another lion chased them and wounded Aravis. And also, how very long it was since he had had anything to eat.
"I do not call you unfortunate," said the Large Voice.
"Don't you think it was bad luck to meet so many lions?" said Shasta.
"There was only one lion," said the Voice.
"What on earth do you mean? I've just told you there were at least two the first night, and-"
"There was only one: but he was swift of foot."
"How do you know?"
"I was the lion." And as Shasta gaped with open mouth and said nothing, the Voice continued. "I was the lion who forced you to join with Aravis. I was the cat who comforted you among the houses of the dead. I was the lion who drove the jackals from you while you slept. I was the lion who gave the Horses the new strength of fear for the last mile so that you should reach King Lune in time. And I was the lion you do not remember who pushed the boat in which you lay, a child near death, so that it came to shore where a man sat, wakeful at midnight, to receive you."
"Then it was you who wounded Aravis?"
"It was I."
"But what for?"
"Child," said the Voice, "I am telling you your story, not hers. I tell no one any story but his own."
"Who are you?" asked Shasta.
"Myself," said the Voice, very deep and low so that the earth shook: and again "Myself," loud and clear and gay: and then the third time "Myself," whispered so softly you could hardly hear it, and yet it seemed to come from all round you as if the leaves rustled with it.
Shasta was no longer afraid that the Voice belonged to something that would eat him, not that it was the voice of a ghost. But a new and different sort of trembling came over him. Yet he felt glad too.
The mist was turning from black to gray and from gray to white. This must have begun to happen some time ago, but while he had been talking to the Thing he had not been noticing anything else. Now, the whiteness around him became a shining whiteness; his eyes began to blink. Somewhere ahead he could hear birds singing. He knew the night was over at last. He could see the mane and ears and head of his horse quite easily now. A golden light fell on them from the left. He thought it was the sun.
He turned and saw, pacing beside him, taller than the horse, a Lion. The horse did not seem to be afraid of it or else could not see it. It was from the Lion that the light came. No one ever saw anything more terrible or beautiful.
Luckily Shasta had lived all his life too far south in Calormen to have heard the tales that were whispered in Tashbaan about a dreadful Narnian demon that appeared in the form of a lion. And of course he knew none of the true stories about Aslan, the great Lion, the son of the Emperor-over-the-sea, King above all High Kings in Narnia. But after one glance at the Lion's face he slipped out of the saddle and fell at its feet. He couldn't say anything but then he didn't want to say anything, and he knew he needn't say anything."

If you have read any of my Narnia rantings before, you know that Aslan represents Jesus. And there are two things that I love most in this story. There is a crazy amount of symbolism and other pictures painted in this section alone, but I won't go into all of that.

First, like in other books, Jesus/Aslan deals with each person and their own story - and does not feel the need to share someone elses' story with anyone other than that person. Shasta asked about Aravis. Aslan, in His wisdom, said that He did not need to tell Shasta about His actions regarding Aravis because, simply, it was only between Him and Aravis (and that comes later....).
How often to I want to know why things happen - good or bad - to other people (and terribly, for me it is usually why good things happen to other people and not me.....because I am a wretchedly jealous person..... it has taken God 40 years to work through that one with me and I still have a long way to go. Good thing He is infinitely patient.)? And quite frankly, it is none of my business. I need to just deal with what He brings in my life and what He is trying to teach me through whatever blessing or obstacle that is there. I can be (and should be) thankful for the good things that happen to others - and praise Him for it. I can be (and should be) concerned for the bad things that happen to others - and pray to Him for it and help in whatever way I can. But it is not for me to know why they are "blessed" and I am not, or why they have been given a challenge and I haven't. It is between them and Him. Sheesh, half the time it is not for us to know why these things even happen to ourselves. I just have to trust that He knows and plans the best for my life.
Second, I love love love the picture of how God was there, through everything - guiding, directing, comforting, protecting..... but several of those situations were the very things that caused anxiety for Shasta (and his traveling companions). It was through the use of fear that He brought two groups of people together for mutual benefit (I won't explain - you'll just have to read it); it was through fear again that caused Shasta to reach his goal on time; it was through the unexplainable that He comforted Shasta and protected him; and it was Him who saved his life as a baby - a life he complained about but wouldn't have had if Aslan hadn't saved him.

All these things I complain about - fears, pain, weird and frustrating things and just life in general. But do I know the story behind all of these "difficult" things? Why do I assume, like Shasta did, that they were just bad things. I want to learn to see Jesus in all of these things - and to trust Him, that everything He does is because of His great love for me, and ultimately for His glory.

Oh Lord, give me the eyes to see You in all of life's circumstances, good or bad - to see how You work to guide, direct, comfort, protect and LOVE me.

And some day, we ALL will see Him, slip out of the saddle, and fall at His feet.

an idea

I've got a bee in my bonnet.
No surprise, there, really. I usually have something buzzing around.

I've been thinking of ways to raise money for our ministry - Casa Gabriel, and also for the start of a new house for girls (have I even mentioned this yet?? Plans are in the works to start a home for girls who have been sex trafficked - still not 100% going to happen but it looks likely. So we need to raise $$). I have about 2000 ideas in my brain - okay maybe closer to 10 - and a new one just popped in. I'm hopping that it was God that popped it in there because then it would actually be one that is fairly feasible.
The latest idea is to hold a craft fair. I'd (and hopefully I'd have help) make a pile of stuff to sell, but also I would invite other people to sell stuff - and charge them to have a table. Sheesh - I've been involved in craft fairs and see that some of these people make a boat load of cash, so why couldn't we make a boat load of cash for something beneficial, right?

Yup, so the biggest problem is that it is mid October and the best craft fairs are for Christmas - not much time. But even if we start small for this year and make it bigger for next year.... Yes? Okay, I am giving myself more of a headache. Got to stop.

But will you pray please?
Pray that I will know if this is God's good idea for me or just another regular thought in my head that gets too many thoughts already. And if it is a go-ahead, please pray that it all comes together and is profitable for the right reasons.

I really wish there was an off button for my brain sometimes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

my head

It is easy to tell when I have a really bad headache.
Eric said it best: "You are giving up going to the fabric store? Boy, your headache must be bad!" Yes, it is true - I have been wanting to go to the fabric store for months now. I don't expect too much from it, but I have exactly 18 projects that I am wanting to accomplish and all of them require fabric that I don't have.
But I gave up the fabric store.

It is a very sad day.

One where I am wondering why exactly I am writing on my blog, because pretty much everything seems to make it hurt more (I know waa-waa, poor me...).
Are you thinking "Well quit your whining and get off the computer then, you pansy!"

I wrote that on Friday.
Today is Tuesday.
So I did get off the computer - but mainly because I had to...
Our internet has been stinky for about a week now and I've got shut down several times.
Currently I am "borrowing" our downstairs neighbors' (they are study abroad students with our mission) internet - it seems to give me what I want, albeit very slow (not that ours is fast), and really, it isn't stealing since the students' supervisor gave us their password, right?

I am on day five of headaches.
Today has been the worst but I also seem to have some sort of a fever-ish thing going on. Right at this moment I am on a bit of a reprieve, so I am taking advantage.
Taking advantage of the opportunity to gripe and complain.... I am so stinking sick of being sick!!

Okay, I am done complaining.
I especially can't complain after Mia and I read the chapter we did out of "The Horse and His Boy" - book 5 in The Chronicles of Narnia. If I last, I'll definitely delve into that chapter... one of my favorite chapters out of all the books.

Back to the fabric store.
Still haven't been able to go.
Still really really want to.
And the list keeps growing..... I always have way more ideas than I have time and/or money (and now, resources) for.

Here is my list:
  1. curtains for Maddy's room
  2. curtains for our bedroom
  3. fabric for our headboard
  4. can't think of the word for the thing for Lucy's room - canopy-type thingy
  5. bean bag chairs for Cade and Mia (that is actually two projects)
  6. fabric to cover the coffee table cube things that we are making for the aquarium
  7. cushion for bench in the entryway
  8. storage baskets (yes, fabric to make them)
  9. felt for Christmas decorations
  10. felt for Christmas gifts project with kids
  11. skirt for Lucy
  12. sweats for Maddy
  13. fabric for making decorations for a baby shower I'm co-throwing
  14. fabric for a baby shower gift I want to make
  15. throw cushions/pillows that I want to make for us and for a friend (this will end up being about 7 or 8 pillows).
  16. fabric to recover a chair
Okay - that is only 16, but when I counted, I kept three of the pillows separate.
But don't go panicking or thinking I am insane (well, think what you want, but we all know the truth - I am).... none of these projects are really tough nor should they take too long. And the only dangerous one is making the Christmas gifts with the kids.... no we are not building explosives out of felt - it is only dangerous because I might run out of patience with them, and then they may be in danger.

But right now all projects and Casa G. administrative work is on hold because of my infirmities. So very frustrating.
And since my headache and ache-ness is returning so promptly - this project is on hold as well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spanish mishaps

We had the boys over for dinner again tonight. Other than me having a headache, it was fun. They are such great guys. I pretty much have a smile on my face or am laughing the entire time they are here.

Eric had a few mess-ups in the language though.
I should emphasize that he had a few mess-ups, not me.
And it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't speak a whole lot for fear of messing get off me!

First, while eating dinner, Eric was telling them about something that happened with Cade last night. Cade slept in our bed with me because he was having trouble sleeping. So Eric told them, unknowingly, that Cade and I slept together - in the way that a mother and son most definitely should not sleep together. Their expressions after he said it were hilarious - complete shock. Fortunately they quickly realized what he meant and they busted up laughing.
Really quite funny although rather embarrassing.

Then, Jesús, had to ask Eric for money because he was required to bring some "feminine products" to school. For some very strange reason, far beyond our comprehension, he was required to contribute in this way to his school.
Let me give that to you again: A teenaged boy - you know, the ones who get all squeamish if ever any topic like menstruation, child-birth, etc. is brought up - is made to bring in private girl stuff - the kind of stuff girls don't even want boys to see because they might die of embarrassment, and who wants a boy to know you are "on the rag" at the moment, anyway - to his school.
Why can't she just bring her own stinkin' stuff??
It is just another of those "huh?...." situations where you don't even bother asking any questions because there just seems to be no logic in so many things here.
Anyway, so feminine products for Jesús....
Jesús really, really, really didn't want to have to go to the store to buy these things - and who can blame him. I know husbands who don't want to buy them for their wives (mine excluded... he could care less)! Eric tells him that we can take from my stash (and yes, I have lots since I need them every three stinkin' weeks!!!!!!!). So off I go, shaking my head that I have to hand a small supply of feminine products to a 16 year old boy for his school. He was very appreciative, especially since he no longer had to face the cashier at the local drug store.
About three minutes after the guys left, there was a ring at our gate.
It was Jesús.
I guess he decided to look in the bag at the little treasures I packed for him.
It was the wrong type of feminine products.
I gave him both pads and tampons, but what he needed, and Eric misunderstood, was medicine for cramps for that time of the month!
Poor guy.
He was already having a hard enough time having to ask, thinking about going to the store, and all that. But now he had to come back, return my "gifts" (and admit that he looked at them!), get the money again and ended up having to go to the drug store after all!

Those girls at his school had better be very thankful for their Midol.

Monday, October 4, 2010

friday's snow day

It was freezing!!!
Blizzards, -40 degrees, howling winds.
Just terrible.

Okay, well, actually it was a beautiful day out, but since the US Embassy requested all US citizens to remain at home, we thought we would take it literally.
And while all the mayhem is pretty much over, we have all those blessed memories to cherish in our hearts forever.

Our day consisted of:
Playing in the laundry baskets while mom did 10 loads of laundry.
Each of the kids using the camera to take close to one hundred thousand pictures (yes, I am prone to exaggeration).
Snuggling up together (while mom folded all that laundry.... good thing it is her favorite house-hold task). It was a snow day - don't judge me by my appearance, all right?? Not the most flattering picture.....
Rearranging the chesterfield several different ways - building forts, etc. Finally settling on this cozy arrangement.
Watching "Ok Go" music videos on YouTube. They really are so entertaining. We highly recommend them!!
The neighbor kids came down and played for quite a while as well..... It is so great having them (although it often feels like we have 6 kids instead of 4.... for some strange reason they are at our house most of the time). They had such a great time playing that we didn't end up doing any of the things I had "planned" - which was completely okay by me!

On another note, regarding the whole shmazzle that went on, we know some people have suffered deeply because of it. Even though I have been fairly light-hearted about the problems with the police and all that, I know that it was a serious event, and for many, a terrible, horrible day.
The guard at our church is one of those people. We found out on Sunday that his nephew was working at the hospital, where much of this went down, guarding an ill prisoner. He was called into action and was shot. He is in critical condition..... a husband and father. And that is only one family we know that was affected.
Down by the hospital, along one of the walls where much of the fighting happened, there are (we have not gone down there) many memorials set up - flowers, candles, etc. and several people there crying and praying over lost loved ones.

So while the events are pretty well over for us, the pain is still very real for them.