Sunday, October 17, 2010

the idea

A little update for you all:
While convalescing (I love spell-check....) this whole past week, I was able to do some emailing.
Found out that the school already holds a craft fair.
Sort of.
Pooh that I don't get to put one on and make a killing (I mean that in the nicest, most kind terms, in the want-to-make-as-much-money-for-the-cause kind of way) from being the organizer.
Good in that I have an avenue to make stuff and sell it - still can make some money right?
And I might talk to the organizer and see about doing one in spring - one that I would put on. If she is in favor, and the school is okay with it, I think I will ask all the vendors who are selling at this Christmas one and see if they would be interested in doing a spring one. The spring deals usually don't do nearly as well as the Christmas one, but it still would be something.
More prayer needed, please!
So now I am making a list of things to make - and a long list it is.
I am going to ask the organizer what things people are selling (she has people list it when they sign up). Then I will emphasize things that no one else is doing.
I think I might also see if there are a bunch of people from Youth World who might want to do some craft nights with me so we can get more stuff made..... and also invite other people to make other stuff to have at the table. I'm hoping that some other people might get as excited about it as I am. Well, that might be reaching pretty high - maybe just that some other people will get somewhat excited about it.....
It would be great if you could pray that I would know what to make (what would sell well and make a decent profit for Casa G.) and that others would want to get involved.

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