Friday, October 8, 2010

my head

It is easy to tell when I have a really bad headache.
Eric said it best: "You are giving up going to the fabric store? Boy, your headache must be bad!" Yes, it is true - I have been wanting to go to the fabric store for months now. I don't expect too much from it, but I have exactly 18 projects that I am wanting to accomplish and all of them require fabric that I don't have.
But I gave up the fabric store.

It is a very sad day.

One where I am wondering why exactly I am writing on my blog, because pretty much everything seems to make it hurt more (I know waa-waa, poor me...).
Are you thinking "Well quit your whining and get off the computer then, you pansy!"

I wrote that on Friday.
Today is Tuesday.
So I did get off the computer - but mainly because I had to...
Our internet has been stinky for about a week now and I've got shut down several times.
Currently I am "borrowing" our downstairs neighbors' (they are study abroad students with our mission) internet - it seems to give me what I want, albeit very slow (not that ours is fast), and really, it isn't stealing since the students' supervisor gave us their password, right?

I am on day five of headaches.
Today has been the worst but I also seem to have some sort of a fever-ish thing going on. Right at this moment I am on a bit of a reprieve, so I am taking advantage.
Taking advantage of the opportunity to gripe and complain.... I am so stinking sick of being sick!!

Okay, I am done complaining.
I especially can't complain after Mia and I read the chapter we did out of "The Horse and His Boy" - book 5 in The Chronicles of Narnia. If I last, I'll definitely delve into that chapter... one of my favorite chapters out of all the books.

Back to the fabric store.
Still haven't been able to go.
Still really really want to.
And the list keeps growing..... I always have way more ideas than I have time and/or money (and now, resources) for.

Here is my list:
  1. curtains for Maddy's room
  2. curtains for our bedroom
  3. fabric for our headboard
  4. can't think of the word for the thing for Lucy's room - canopy-type thingy
  5. bean bag chairs for Cade and Mia (that is actually two projects)
  6. fabric to cover the coffee table cube things that we are making for the aquarium
  7. cushion for bench in the entryway
  8. storage baskets (yes, fabric to make them)
  9. felt for Christmas decorations
  10. felt for Christmas gifts project with kids
  11. skirt for Lucy
  12. sweats for Maddy
  13. fabric for making decorations for a baby shower I'm co-throwing
  14. fabric for a baby shower gift I want to make
  15. throw cushions/pillows that I want to make for us and for a friend (this will end up being about 7 or 8 pillows).
  16. fabric to recover a chair
Okay - that is only 16, but when I counted, I kept three of the pillows separate.
But don't go panicking or thinking I am insane (well, think what you want, but we all know the truth - I am).... none of these projects are really tough nor should they take too long. And the only dangerous one is making the Christmas gifts with the kids.... no we are not building explosives out of felt - it is only dangerous because I might run out of patience with them, and then they may be in danger.

But right now all projects and Casa G. administrative work is on hold because of my infirmities. So very frustrating.
And since my headache and ache-ness is returning so promptly - this project is on hold as well.

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