Sunday, October 17, 2010

fancy mirror

Good news.
As of yesterday, my headaches have downgraded themselves from
butcher-knife-in-the-right-eye to merely temples-in-a-vice-grip.
Baby steps.

So in celebration, I crafted.
It was an easy one, so as to not over-do things (when do I ever do that??) and get my caring and concerned (concerned that he is going to have to keep doing dishes for another week) husband's undies in a bunch.
He really does do it because he cares about me. Its not just about the dishes.

I had been looking for a cheap mirror for this project for two months or so now and kept getting frustrated. Mirrors are not cheap here, and again, not much in terms of thrift and dollar stores. But patience was my friend.
About two weeks ago I found a mirror - not sure it really can be called a mirror.... it certainly isn't glass.
Anyway, I found a "mirror" for a $1!!! At Pycca.
I was elated.
I moseyed on over to Supermaxi (Local grocery store chain..... most people have a hard time initially keeping a straight face with that name. The also have a Megamaxi....) and picked me up two sizes of skewers.
I had to build up the back of the frame, as it was not flush with the back edge of the mirror frame.... so I cut up a broken plastic lid and glued that in there.
Once that was dry, I hot glued the skewers in a lovely pattern to the new flush back of the mirror.
A little gold spray paint and.....
ta da:
Fancy Looking Mirror
(its official name)
I think Eric might even like it.
He said it looked cool and I don't think he was being sarcastic even.
Now both Lucy and Maddy want one for their rooms.
It was pretty easy, cheap and fast, so I might even consent, if Pycca still has more mirrors (they did have 2 pink ones at the time of purchase).
Oh, and I did clean the mirror - after I took the picture....

I put it over the fireplace.
I was kind of excited to finally "get to" this space, but the same day I made this, the kids knocked down the mantel.
It might be a while until the mantel gets properly installed (it was there when we moved in - and wasn't put up very well in the first place).
I think I'm going to give a Thanksgiving deadline (are you reading this Eric?)....after all, everyone knows that a very important part of Christmas is the fireplace and its mantel. Right? And since I am not allowed to decorate until after Thanksgiving....
(Canada is much better. As soon as Halloween is over - Christmas is fair game)

I might take advantage of the situation and paint the fire place but I'm just not sure what to go with as far as color goes.
I'm up for input.... hint, hint.
As you can see, the paint color (most of the house) is "hueso blanco" - bone white... more creamy than what the US equivalent would be (does that mean Latin American's bones are a more yellowy/creamy color than North American's.... hmmm).
I still haven't wanted to commit to much.
We'll see what happens.