Sunday, March 10, 2013

lego creations

I've had these photos posted for about five months already and haven't actually sat down and finished the entry.  These are a few of Cade's lego creations, and the photos he took of them, mostly from over the summer.  He is quite proud of his creations and these aren't the half of them.  He's come up with many many original vehicles, buildings, machines, etc. - he is quite an amazing little engineer!  For now we'll just stick with these, but believe me, there are plenty more photos all ready taken!


This was my last taste of chocolate - back on Fat Tuesday.  I'm currently "lenting" chocolate and soda.
I explained to the kids what I was doing and why - the reason behind giving something up for the season of lent.  Cade decided he was going to lent something too (that is where the use of the word lent in verb form started....).  "I'm lenting putting my shoes away where they belong instead of leaving them lying around."  He's had about a 30% success rate.  Today, between church and Casa G. he couldn't find his shoes anywhere.  I finally found them put away properly in his shoe drawer.....
On another note, I received a real treat from a friend.  Rhubarb!

Eric hates the stuff, but I couldn't have been more thrilled.  So far I've made rhubarb sauce and rhubarb muffins.  More lovely, tart treats to come!

baseball final - Marlins take the series

Another baseball season is over, and it was a doozy.

Cade had an amazing game.  It is a machine pitch league and the boys knows how to play.  I missed the first hit, but it sailed over second.  The guys a power house, let me tell you.  

Generally his field position is catcher and again, he does a fabulous job.  I'm just hoping that if he sticks with baseball, and sticks with catching, that he doesn't have my bad knees.  It is a bit of a chore getting him suited up each inning!

After last season, being part of the same team which we affectionately called the Bad News Bears, we couldn't believe the turn around.  While they had a few losses, they did come away with many victories, and this year they won first place!!  Of course, all the teams get exactly the same medals and all that nonsense.... we wouldn't want anyone feeling like they aren't as important or less-than.

They still kind of look like the Bad News Bears - a bunch of random ruffians, but they are the Miami Marlins, winners of the what-ever-its-call international Quito junior-ish type league.

floral pedicure

How lucky can one mom be.....  Another Lucy pedicure.
You don't get fresh flowers between your toes at those fancy salons!