Wednesday, October 13, 2010

an idea

I've got a bee in my bonnet.
No surprise, there, really. I usually have something buzzing around.

I've been thinking of ways to raise money for our ministry - Casa Gabriel, and also for the start of a new house for girls (have I even mentioned this yet?? Plans are in the works to start a home for girls who have been sex trafficked - still not 100% going to happen but it looks likely. So we need to raise $$). I have about 2000 ideas in my brain - okay maybe closer to 10 - and a new one just popped in. I'm hopping that it was God that popped it in there because then it would actually be one that is fairly feasible.
The latest idea is to hold a craft fair. I'd (and hopefully I'd have help) make a pile of stuff to sell, but also I would invite other people to sell stuff - and charge them to have a table. Sheesh - I've been involved in craft fairs and see that some of these people make a boat load of cash, so why couldn't we make a boat load of cash for something beneficial, right?

Yup, so the biggest problem is that it is mid October and the best craft fairs are for Christmas - not much time. But even if we start small for this year and make it bigger for next year.... Yes? Okay, I am giving myself more of a headache. Got to stop.

But will you pray please?
Pray that I will know if this is God's good idea for me or just another regular thought in my head that gets too many thoughts already. And if it is a go-ahead, please pray that it all comes together and is profitable for the right reasons.

I really wish there was an off button for my brain sometimes.


  1. Where are you thinking of holding this craft faire?

  2. Didn't we always say it was the people running these craft fairs making the money?!! Good call Carla. Go for it. What a great cause!