Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy (or not so) Halloweekend

The scariest part of our halloween:
Tortillas that will always and forever more - stick together.
They never, ever, ever come off nicely as one at a time.
I might just have to take up trying to make my own.
There is only one brand of flour tortillas for purchase here, and they are

This is the second Halloween that I have not had to (or got to - 'cause I really like making them) make Halloween costumes.
I always love the mid-September conversation with the kids:
"So what do you want to be for halloween this year?"
And then they dream up what they want to be and I get to dream up the costumes.
And then they change their minds, so I reinvent a costume.
And then they change their minds again when I am half-way through sewing.
And then I want to shake them and yell "You can't keep changing your minds!!!!!"
So maybe it is good that I haven't had to make costumes.
No, it isn't.
I still love it and miss it.

The whole family, minus Maddy and myself, is at the beach.
We didn't feel like going.


Maddy is sick.
She has been sick for four days - fever, cough and generally felling crappy.
So we had to stay home.
They went with all the Casa G. people, and are having a splendid time, I don't doubt.

We did have a piece of Halloween, though:
The kids that live above us (and the girl that is staying with them) came to trick-or-treat. Of course we had nothing but candy from the kids aforementioned trick-or-treating experience, so I snuck some of it. I figured that they probably wouldn't notice, although Maddy reminded me that Cole (the boy in the picture) will most likely let Cade know.
He is that kind of kid.

Right now, in California, all of our closest friends are together, hanging out at the Wurzbach's for the annual Halloween party and trick-or-treating extravaganza.
Eating chili with all the fixings.
Drinking hot chocolate and serving it to the parents who bring their kids to the door.
All the kids trading their candy after they are done going door-to-door....except nobody trades the full sized bars that the Flynns give out.
Val and Rachel in their 80s clothes with an "I love Sandi Patty" pin on (Val did that one year - hilarious!).
The doctor down the street with the ridiculously elaborate displays, taking polaroids of each kid that comes (and then he gives them the picture).....

They called to skype, but we are being poopy-heads and not skyping.
It is a little too hard on Maddy right now (and a touch hard on me too, to be honest)
Some of our most fun times with our friends have been on that night.
Last year, even though we had our own sort of funnish party, we skyped with them, and Maddy had a very hard time after - missing her friends.
Lots and lots of tears.
So we decided to avoid the whole thing this year.
Especially since we aren't having our own funnish party.
And Maddy is sick.
And she is (we are) missing more fun at the beach.

So, you can't blame us, right?
We aren't being horrible friends, are we?
Is it too selfish?
Well, it might be, but we really just don't need any extra stuff to make more sadness.
They love us.
They'll understand.

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