Friday, October 22, 2010

night time art

It was 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night.
A full hour after we put Lucy to bed.
I am just getting out of the shower and I encounter Lucy in my bathroom.
"Mommy, I had an accident"
"What honey? What kind of accident?"
(Thinking, of course, it was pee)
"I accidently wrote on my wall"
"I wrote on my wall. It was an accident"
"An accident?"
Off we troop to see this "accident":
The darker shading is my attempt to wipe it off... it was apparently washable marker.
Washable off of what, exactly?

She also had a bad dream, apparently.
So I graciously tuck her in our bed, tell her we will deal with the accident tomorrow and head off to show Eric the latest.

Eric said that she actually had come into the kitchen first and asked where I was. He asked her what she wanted.
She said "I'm not going to tell you." and headed off to find me.
He didn't pursue it.
He was watching the Giants game.
(through his brother Michael's sling box.... not sure if I should thank you Michael or put curses by your name)

Eric wasn't sure if we should be more upset that she drew on her walls, that she was fooling around an hour after she was supposed to be sleeping, or that she spelled her name wrong....

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