Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spanish mishaps

We had the boys over for dinner again tonight. Other than me having a headache, it was fun. They are such great guys. I pretty much have a smile on my face or am laughing the entire time they are here.

Eric had a few mess-ups in the language though.
I should emphasize that he had a few mess-ups, not me.
And it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't speak a whole lot for fear of messing get off me!

First, while eating dinner, Eric was telling them about something that happened with Cade last night. Cade slept in our bed with me because he was having trouble sleeping. So Eric told them, unknowingly, that Cade and I slept together - in the way that a mother and son most definitely should not sleep together. Their expressions after he said it were hilarious - complete shock. Fortunately they quickly realized what he meant and they busted up laughing.
Really quite funny although rather embarrassing.

Then, Jesús, had to ask Eric for money because he was required to bring some "feminine products" to school. For some very strange reason, far beyond our comprehension, he was required to contribute in this way to his school.
Let me give that to you again: A teenaged boy - you know, the ones who get all squeamish if ever any topic like menstruation, child-birth, etc. is brought up - is made to bring in private girl stuff - the kind of stuff girls don't even want boys to see because they might die of embarrassment, and who wants a boy to know you are "on the rag" at the moment, anyway - to his school.
Why can't she just bring her own stinkin' stuff??
It is just another of those "huh?...." situations where you don't even bother asking any questions because there just seems to be no logic in so many things here.
Anyway, so feminine products for Jesús....
Jesús really, really, really didn't want to have to go to the store to buy these things - and who can blame him. I know husbands who don't want to buy them for their wives (mine excluded... he could care less)! Eric tells him that we can take from my stash (and yes, I have lots since I need them every three stinkin' weeks!!!!!!!). So off I go, shaking my head that I have to hand a small supply of feminine products to a 16 year old boy for his school. He was very appreciative, especially since he no longer had to face the cashier at the local drug store.
About three minutes after the guys left, there was a ring at our gate.
It was Jesús.
I guess he decided to look in the bag at the little treasures I packed for him.
It was the wrong type of feminine products.
I gave him both pads and tampons, but what he needed, and Eric misunderstood, was medicine for cramps for that time of the month!
Poor guy.
He was already having a hard enough time having to ask, thinking about going to the store, and all that. But now he had to come back, return my "gifts" (and admit that he looked at them!), get the money again and ended up having to go to the drug store after all!

Those girls at his school had better be very thankful for their Midol.

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