Monday, June 13, 2011

redecorating, kids style

On Saturday I wanted the kids to go through their rooms and purge a little... get rid of all their extra papers and whatnot.  Cade and Mia took it to a whole new level.
They not only purged, but also redecorated.
All day they kept me out of their room, because they had a surprise for me.  Late afternoon I was finally allowed in.

 They did a great job cleaning up their stuff and a great job making their room a little more personal!
One of the main features was all of the treasures hanging from the bunk bed over Mia's bottom bunk.
 Cade did a remarkable job of organizing his hot wheels cars.
 And they both made little personal displays with their names and initials.
I was exceedingly impressed!
Lucy got in on the action as well.
 After Cade and Mia finished their room, they went in and helped Lucy.
Her room even got a name.
It says "Welcome to Butterfly Canyon".
This is going to be my cliff hanger, as I never got pictures of the canyon itself.  I guess we will have to wait until after the summer to see it.... Lucy is sleeping and we leave at 4:00 tomorrow morning.

I hope the suspense doesn't kill any one.
Until September.....

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