Sunday, June 19, 2011

it's all new

Originally I was kind of sad about leaving early with Lucy.  I wanted to travel with the whole family (couldn't because of airmiles stuff) and didn't want to miss all the end of the school year stuff.  But it was what it was.  And of course, it ended up being the best thing.
For Lucy, it is all new.
She has not remembered anything or anyone - well, pretty much.
And she has definitely been overwhelmed by it all.  That being said, she has handled it well.
The thing is that she has had all this time to get used to it before being taken over by her siblings.
And that includes hanging out with her cousins.

If we had come the same time as Cade and Mia, Lucy would not have had any chance to connect with the boys.  And the boys have been so sweet to her.  They actually seem to enjoy their younger, female cousin - that's quite something.
In fact, they have been so sweet, Blake in particular, that they made signs for the kids' rooms.
He picked roses and put them on the door (with neon green duct tape, naturally) for the girls.
And she was able to have some bonding time with Auntie Val.
Auntie Val is going to show my three girls what it is like to have a real mom.
A mom who does their hair, nails, rubs lotion all over them, gets them cute girly outfits and all around treats them like little princesses.
They are not going to want to leave her.  Guaranteed.
And Lucy has had some pretty fun time one-on-one with mom.
Mom's undivided attention.
"Watch this mom!" over and over and over and over.

 But now the dream is over.  
The rest of the family is here and she has to share everyone and everything.

Side note:  My camera is having issues and I am quite depressed about it.  I can hardly take any pictures and if it works, it only works on automatic setting.
Not happy.

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