Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canadian cousins!

Everyone has been so happy to be with the cousins.
Good times are being had by all.....  Especially when Auntie Glenda (my brother's wife) spoils them all (girls, that is) by taking them for pedicures the first day!
It's a difficult decision choosing colors....
 Colors chosen (glad no one went for the color of the walls in this place!).

 And time for the beautification process to begin.
Lucy looks comfy and right at home (or not).
The older girls do seem to be rather comfortable with their environment.   Perhaps they were born for this life. 

 And they are all done.
 Later Auntie Jann (my sister) and her husband Chris took us all out for ice cream.
 No, we didn't have two each - she was holding Chris'!
 Alex and Maddy looking rather cool.
And enjoying being exceptional goofy together.
 My mama and Mia.
(yes, you have permission to burst into song - I do.)
Brooklyn and Mia look like twins from a ways away with their long curly blonde hair.

 The next day (Sunday) we got to have a wiener roast at my cousin and uncle's land.  It is the kids' favorite place to go when we are here. More pictures to come from this great place.
Mia, Brooklyn and Timaya reunited.
 Eric, my brother and Lauren.
 Sister Kim in the background, John (brother-in-law), Glenda, mommy, Chris.
 Jann and my Auntie Irm (my mom's sister).  I am SO thankful that my aunt is here right now.  They actually live in Texas and it is a huge blessing that she is here at the same time as we are.  I love my Auntie Irm!!!
 And the three boy cousins are also reunited:  Jesse, Cole and Cade.

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon - with the exclusion of Manitoba's provincial "bird" - the mosquito.  They are in great abundance this year.  They really seem to like the fresh blood of the visiting family - namely the Ackermanns.
The Ackermanns really are not liking the mosquitos.

Good thing the Ackermanns love their family!

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  1. wow. it's like going back in time...but not. everyone is so grown up! thinking of you xoxx