Wednesday, June 22, 2011

California to Manitoba - day two

Here we are in Bozeman, Montana at the lovely Ramada Limited.
It has a nice, big huge room and super, duper high speed internet!!!  Yahoo!
Actually, the neighboring Fairfield Inn has great internet too as I already "borrowed" it to upload some of these photos!

Like our windshield? Many bugs’ lives have been sacrificed on account of our little adventure.  I refuse to think of all the mommy bugs waiting hopelessly for their spawn to return home to the tree.
I’ve been a little bored again, so I’ve taken more pictures.  Last night I actually went to a Walmart after the kids went to bed to get some knitting.  I couldn’t decide what to make from the yarn options, so I bought some yarn to make a pom pom rug.  They didn’t have any pom pom makers so I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.  I also bought a little bitty bit of fabric (three kinds), a sewing kit and scissors to make fabric flowers for a new pair of shoes I got (will post those at a later date).  

After three little yellow flowers, I lost a needle at one of our stops (I’m sure I’ll find it in my foot sometime soon).  Then I made two more flowers and broke the second (and only other) needle in it.  So now I’m done with the flowers by force, but I still don’t feel like making pom poms.
I really lead a rough life.
North American food/beverage hankerings satisfied today: chocolate milk (me and all the kids) and vanilla coke (Maddy and all the other kids).  This was at the gas station.  It was also the second time Lucy mentioned the cleanliness of the place.  “Mommy, the bathrooms are all so clean here in California!” (she hasn’t clued into the departure from one state to another)  
We lunched at Albertson’s grocery store today, purchasing an assortment of yogurts, deli meats, cheeses and grain products.
We entered the lovely state of Idaho.  If you can ignore the mountains in the background (not suggesting you would want to, however), it reminds me of home, Manitoba.  

(I love the reflection of the license plate game on my lap)
First farm land and open sky with beautiful clouds (I have a thing for clouds.... I could keep taking pictures of them over and over).  And then there are the crop dusters to watch.  
I also have a thing for crop dusters.
The Snake River - its beautiful.
I missed another photo opportunity.  This one would have been for Rachel:
“Shoup Ave.” in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Next time, Rach.

These next two are my "playing around" pictures.

Look at those amazing clouds.
Lucy actually fell asleep in the car for a while.   It was another banner day.
I have a tendency to have a lot of stuff where I sit.  
 I like to have everything within reach.  Eric thinks I'm a little ridiculous, but it really doesn't bother me..... most of the time.
Here's a little ouch for you....

(and that's only two of them....  gas is just a little pricey now-a-days!)

The prairies give way to the forested hills of Montana.  
Love it.

More of me playing with the camera.  Goofy picture, but I like it.
And finally we are at the hotel.
With a water slide!!!!  Yahoo!

Oops, Lucy came out the wrong way.  Mia did that once too - but it was when she was born.... sunny side up.  Yes, I am sure you wanted to know that.

Needed a close up of those ribs....

They had a grand time.
The kids love the room, too - it is really big and even has a murphy bed.  Cade and Mia claimed that right away.  There was a lot of bed hopping for the first few minutes.
Dinner was Papa John's pizza and then off to bed.

And just for interest sake (probably only our interest), the license plates we saw today.
(You don't get quite as much variety when you are on a lot of one lane roads... maybe tomorrow.)

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