Monday, June 6, 2011

Ecuadorian polar bears

Did you know there are polar bears in Ecuador?
There are.
Very cute ones.

Mia is doing a project on polar bears.  Part of the project is making a model of the bear.  It could be made out of all kinds of anything.  After she rejected my food-type suggestions (That is usually what I go for first with these types of assignments.  Nothing like creating something cute with food and then being about to devour it with your classmates!), I suggesting making a polar bear stuffed animal.
All I did was make a pattern for her
and she did the rest.
Cut it out, stitched it (with a few instructions), stuffed it, stitched it closed and made the face.
I was very impressed - she did an incredible job.
That is one happy polar bear!  
He must like the milder climate.

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