Wednesday, June 22, 2011

California to Manitoba - day one

It’s the end of June and we saw snowboarders and skiers enjoying all the snow at Boreal as we drove through mountains.  Crazy!
It sure is beautiful there though - and feeling the warmth while seeing the snow?  That is incredible.
We lunched at In’N’Out, much to Maddy’s delight.  She has been craving it for about 21 months now.

We hit Nevada and the scenery changed ever-so-slightly.  
Just slightly.  
I’m pretty sure Nevada isn’t highly recognized for its scenic beauty.  No “scenic routes” posted.
Oh look, a cow.

Because I was rather bored - not bringing my knitting and all - I experimented with my only-half-functioning camera.  Here are some experiments.

Nothing like taking the battery in and out before every shot.  Sigh.  This problem caused me to miss the photo op of In’N’Out Burger and the Nevada sign.  I know you are disappointed.

And everyone's exciting activities:
Cade - He actually slept!!!
Maddy - reading, of course.
Mia - also reading, of course.
Lucy - singing made up songs and all around being a goof-ball, of course.
Eric - driving, naturally.
Me - on the computer writing "how to do a road trip".
The amazing thing was that they only watched one movie and asked for two snacks.
It is a banner day!

First night, we hit Elko, Nevada.  She’s a beauty.
Our first choice of hotel - one that we have stayed at a few times was full.  Rats.  Lucy was really disappointed because it was her favorite hotel ever.  Amazing how she can’t remember her own Uncles who love and adore her but she thinks she can remember a hotel she stayed at when she was three.  Hmmmm.  Don’t think so.
Thankfully, we did get to stay at her second favorite hotel, the Comfort Inn.  Not quite as lovely, but at least they still have a pool and a lovely breakfast.
They also had what they deemed “high speed internet”.  Perhaps that would be true if only one person were accessing it.  The speed, however, outdid Ecuador by a long shot and I was unable to load any pictures on the blog.  I know you are all so very disappointed, so you should really call the place and complain.  It’s not right that I had to keep you waiting.
After a little rowdy exercise at the pool - good thing no one else was there - we settled down to a detectable dinner in bed of Subway, imported to our hotel room by that wonderful man I married. 
 He also brought root beer.  
The kids were doubly thrilled: soda for dinner and soda that they haven’t been able to have for two years.  Oh ya, and Cheetos.  Now that’s a good evening.
Okay, time to go hit the slots!
kidding.  always kidding.
Oh, and here are all the license plates we saw today.
Was a pretty good day!

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  1. why are you calling "pop" something called "soda"? we need to talk.