Sunday, June 19, 2011

together again

Camera is doing weird things.
Weird - when it works.  But most of the time it isn't working.

However, I was sort of able to capture the reunion between Maddy and her best friends Makinzie and Taylor at the airport.  Lucy and I went to pick up the rest of the family and the girls came along.
 There was a lot of screaming.
 And hugging.
 And jumping.
But there were three very happy girls!
 Quite honestly, I was almost as excited to see Kinzie and Taylor as Maddy was.  I love them and they are like my girls too. They call me their second mom.  I have missed them so much.
They do very little other than put huge smiles on my face.
 And the cousins are together again as well.
It does my heart good.
There should have been some more really good pictures of reunion, but there were many missed 
photo-ops (I am so frustrated!!!).

But this good one is thanks to Rachel (mother of Mia's best friend - in the picture).
These two are very very happy to be together again.  And I am very very happy to see them together.  They make me smile.  I love these girls.

Blake, the very boy-boy cousin, even colored princess pictures with Lucy and Mia.  Love that.
 And happy reunions between the kids and Uncles, Aunt, Oma and Opa.
All is right with their world.

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