Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hair - day 6 & 7

I was absent yesterday and I must admit that I shirked my hair responsibilities most of the day as well.
Eric and I were helping friends pack, move and clean.
I did end up french braiding my hair but neglected to take a picture.  I though it would be fine as the curliness of my hair today would be enough proof.  But then we walked to school in the rain this morning and there wasn't much evidence of braiding left.
So you think you can just trust me on this one?

Here's today:

Rather trendy and hip.  
Braids are definitely the thing right now and I am definitely one to be on the verge of fashion and trends (as evidenced by my extremely hip t-shirt that I am wearing).
This is actually something that I have done in my hair a few times before (like 2 or 3).
I hope it makes me look younger and detracts from the dark circles under my eyes.  Those are pretty well always there, but I haven't been sleeping well for quite some time, so they are a little more pronounced.
I suppose I could try some make-up....

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