Sunday, June 19, 2011


We went through two years in foreign countries with no need to take the kids to the doctor.
No injuries, no serious illnesses.  Nothing.
And bare in mind that we were in countries where there is nice, cheap medical services.

But now we are in the United States of America.
Also know as the Country of United Medical Services Who Make You Pay Threw The Nose.
And now the kids decide to hurt themselves.

Lucy, cousin Carson, and the trampoline had a bit of an encounter.
The pinky could be broken - not sure.  But what is sure is that it is big, swollen and very purple.  Good thing she likes purple.  The crazy thing is that she didn't cry or fuss.  But it is pretty tender.

And then Cade.
We arrived at Chris and Val's (Eric's brother and sister-in-law) around 4:15 p.m. - after picking them up from the airport.  At about 4:25 I left for the store and Eric took the kids to the park  (Chris, Val and the kids were at a baseball wind-up party - so they weren't home).
At about 4:30 Cade smashed his head on the monkey bars.  Big gash - blood all over his forehead - definitely needing stitches.

I didn't have a cell phone.
Eric didn't have a car.

He tried to get the store to page me, but they wouldn't do it.  So he sat at the house with our bleeding son.  Finally, thankfully, a friend who comes to work out in Chris and Val's garage, came over.  Eric greeted him - after not seeing him for two years - and asked to borrow his car.
So he got to go get stitches.
We need a picture without the band aid - looks real nice.
Needless to say, we have put a nice dent into a medical deductible.

By the way, the photos are thanks to my darling friend Rachel (yes, the same one whose fabulous hair I copied).  Thanks Rachy!

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