Friday, June 10, 2011


If you know my husband you know he doesn't get riled up about much.
His excited heart rate is about the same as mine is when I'm sleeping.

In fact, I have alluded to our relationship being like Spike and Chester from Bug Bunny cartoon.
Eric = Spike the large, hulking bulldog
Me = Chester, the small hyper dog
Spike slowly walks around, mean look on his face and Chester bounces around Spike happily saying "Ya wanna play ball, Spike?  Huh, Spike?  Ya wanna?"  And Spike just lays there and says "Nah."  Chester asks "Ya wanna play tag, Spike?  Huh, Spike, ya wanna??" and Spike just lays there and says "Nah."  And on and on they go - one bouncing around asking questions, the other laying or slowly walking, just barely tolerating the other's hyperactivity.

But lately things have changed
He's geeking out about something.

Now granted, it is pretty funny.
But do we have to walk around the house rapping lines from this ditty constantly?

You should take a look, however.
I do think that pretty well any parent, particularly from North America, could appreciate this video.
It was passed on from a friend of Eric's to him.
Now we pass it on to you.
Go ahead and watch it full screen.

My favorite line:  "Get your peanut butter hands off my 50 (fiddy) inch Vizio"  (pop up the corn, roll the disney video).
It was put together by some church to promote Father's Day last year, from my understanding.

If you are a father, consider this my gift to you.
If you are the wife of said father, I apologize if your husband starts geeking out too.

Get use to to hearing "I got dozens a' dollars and that's right.  It goes straight to my daughters and wife."

I anticipate somewhere along our road trip from California to Manitoba, Eric will be proudly purchasing a pair of gas station glasses ('cause he "don't care what the masses think...")

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