Saturday, July 2, 2011

baptism for my niece

On Sunday, after we had our lunch, my niece had a special baptism.
The family invited a bunch of family and friends out to our uncle's/cousin's land.
The Youth Pastor, Kent, a friend from Briercrest, talked a little.
Alex gave her testimony and we had a bit of time to share about Alex and pray for her.
Then came the baptism.
Down she goes.
And up.
Lots of hugs and kisses all around.  From my mom
and her sister, Maddy and Mia.
After the baptism, people hung out, had dessert (trifle) and the kids played in the water.
It wasn't the warmest day, so some were a bit happier to just watch the others.
Most of the other guests had left by this time and it was just family left.
We got a bit of reconnecting time with our cousins/nieces and nephews, like the cutest little Riley

and Timaya.
Mia and some of the kids got brave, jumping off the rope swing.

And some, like Cade, spent most of the time getting bit by mosquitos.
I swear that poor boy will never look healthy and well again!
Cole was a little more wise and spent time with frogs instead of bugs.

Once we got back, a few of us indulged in some leftover trifle.
You see, one of them was in a glass bowl and the bowl broke in transport.  We couldn't serve it to the masses (although some people snuck some anyway!).  It was the best one, in my opinion:  Chocolate Kahlua cake, chocolate pudding, cherries and whipped cream.  Yum!
There was no way we could throw away such a thing of beauty.....
Trifle smiles!
Unfortunately, in our gluttonous greed, we neglected to recall that Auntie Irm wanted to participate in this revelry as well.
It's been days now, and she has not forgotten, forgiven nor ceased to remind us!

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