Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Being reunited with California friends and cousins is a good thing.  But from all appearances, they all seem to have gone a little nutty.
They flipped their lids so to speak.... or at least flipped the things for their bottoms and put them on their tops.
 Cade seems to be going for the Spy Kids version of Captain Underpants.
 At lest they are having a good time....
 The next morning things definitely were flipping as well.
Blake made pancakes.
Apparently it is a frequent occurrence in this house, however, today was a little special.
They were chocolate chip colored pancakes.
 Note the excessive amount of chocolate chips.
Now for the flipping.
 Look at that focus.
Lucy got a pink one.
 The problem was that there was such a high ratio of chocolate chips to batter that no matter what color he made them, they were all brown.
I cut Carson's open...
 You can see some swirls of batter in there if you look really close.
Carson said to me when he started eating "Do you ever get that feeling when you like something so much you just don't want to eat it?".
I think it was just a little too much chocolate for him.
Lucy, however, pretty much cleaned her plate.
 I suggested to Blake that next time he just buy some chocolate bars and fry them.

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