Wednesday, July 6, 2011

at Bemidji - day one - Independence Day

We are all in Bemidji, MN at Finn'N'Feather Resort.  The uncles, aunts, cousins and Grandpa and Grandma Rose.
(Just to clarify, it is Grandma Rose and Grandpa.  Grandpa is not a Rose.  There is a great deal of confusion over this issue)
Lake, pool, kayaks, bikes, and lots and lots of sun.

The events of day one included a bunch of kookie kids jumping into the pool in random and various ways.

Since it was Independence Day, I thought I should show a little patriotism.
There wasn't a whole lot else than that, seeing as we are with a bunch of Canadians (and I am a little bit of a lazy American.  I'm pretty sure I didn't pledge to "do up" the 4th when I got sworn in...).
Grandma Rose delegated the putting together of a scavenger hunt to Maddy and Alex.
They took their job very seriously and did a fabulous job.
Writing clues.
Giving instructions and dividing into teams.
The kids had to run all over the resort to find different clues.
Team 1:  Lauren, Mia, Timaya, Shandy and Brooklyn
Team 2: Jesse, Cole, Cade Riley and Lucy (supervised by Alex and Maddy)

While team 2 were the official winners, the kids were all amply rewarded with prizes at the end of the hunt with a bag of goods each.

Then it was off to "the big cabin" for dinner.
It was Grandma Rose and Auntie Jodi's turn to cook.
Hot dogs, corn and black bean salad, chips and fruit.
There were supposed to be fireworks in the evening, but a storm rolled in.  No one was too terribly heart broken and most of us parents were rather grateful.  No fireworks means earlier bedtime and earlier bedtime means less grumpy, emotionally fragile kids.
Best all around.
A few of us adults hung out on the porch and enjoyed God's fireworks instead.

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