Wednesday, July 20, 2011

back from the lake

Leaving the lake on Saturday (July 9 - a very important day:  birthdays of both my best friend and Mia’s) was a bit of an interesting time.
Only Kim, her kids and our family were left.  We did most of what we could the night before and finished up in the morning.... we had to out of the cabin by 9:00 (please note: while we do have kids, the three of us adults are all most definitely night people.... 9:00 is very early to have anything done!).
As we were loading up the car, the kids jumped in and immediately started fighting.  Now granted, they were tired.  They had a fun filled week with lots of activity, lots of sun, lots of family/cousin craziness and too many late nights.  But seriously.
Eric, after just having his hair cut (he could not wait until we got back to some clippers - he was going nutty.... I believe it is the first time since we’ve been together - getting close to 18 years that someone other than me has cut his hair), was looking, and apparently feeling, rather militant.
Nipping it in the bud, he verbally dragged the kids out of the car and had them run.
Back in the car.
More arguing.
Back out of the car.
 (I was, at the time, trying desperately to subdue my laughter - particularly with having my sister there who was also laughing.  I finally clued into the kodak moment, but a little too late.
Back in the car.
Sunday was off to church with mom.  Great message about the relevance of the old testament laws.  Then off to mom’s for a waffle lunch.   
The evening back at Brent and Glenda’s, after dinner and having a relaxing evening, the topic of breakdancing surfaced.  Someone somehow managed to persuade Cade to do a demo.

It was quite fantastic.  I really should have video taped and loaded that on here.  Definitely something to do at a later date.
After that it was just a plain old dancefest - a rather unruly and mostly rhythmless one, but fun regardless.

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