Friday, July 29, 2011

our boxes and indoor garden hoses

Last Friday morning felt like another Christmas.
I dug to the back of my brother and sister-in-law's garage to find our boxes of stuff.  This is the last of the stuff we want to have in Ecuador with us.  Not much was left, but what was there was good!
After not having it for two years, it felt like it was all new again.
Maybe that would be a good thing to do on a regular basis - pack stuff up for a while and then you'll appreciate it so much more when you have it again.
Mia was more than thrilled to have some of her books back, especially her drawing book.
She has been wanting those for a long time.
I was happy to find the journals that I've written out for the kids for their Christian birthdays.  There was also the lists of the kids' Christmas ornaments... when I bought which ornament for whom and for what reason.  
There were some I just couldn't remember so it was a very welcome site.
There was also a few more clothes for Lucy and Cade.  Lucy decided to model each piece.

This was the biggest blessing - especially the clothes for Cade.  Since there aren't any hand-me-downs for him, we need to do a whole lot of shopping.  This will cut down a bit on what we've got to spend.  That made me very very happy!
More crap craft stuff makes me happy too!
I think I was grinning about as big as possible when opening each box.

While I was delighting in my boxes, the kids were delighting in the trampoline.
More so, they were delighting in the water spraying up under the trampoline.
I'm still not too clear on the reason for what the pictures show, but sometimes it is best not to ask questions.  Let me just say this:  Blake set up the sprinkler under the trampoline.
Spigot in the front yard:

Trampoline in the back yard.
Yes, he did in fact run the garden hose through the house.
Let's just be clear - there is a spigot in the back yard.  My suspicion is that the hose was in the front yard, therefore it needed to remain there, in part, in order for the hose to be used in the back yard.
Yes, very sensible.

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