Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the last day

While not even as close to monumental at the Last Supper, it was still rather important in our minds.
The morning started with a brief (and free - we like that) trip to the splash park....  We splishy-splashed for an hour or two (or 45 minutes, as the case was).

If I zoomed in on the girls (boys did not participate), you might notice blue lips, photo blur on the knees and goose bumps all over.  It was rather chilly.  Pretty sure that is why the thing is free until 11:00.

After a great amount of debate over what to do in the afternoon, we wise and decisive adults decided (okay, women adults - we basically told the men what they were doing) to split the kids up and bring them to three different venues.
Maddy, Mia, Brooklyn and Timaya with Eric:  Steinbach Aquatic Centre
(Alex and Lauren were already off to camp)
Jesse, Cole and Cade with Brent: Grand Prix race tracks
Shandy, Riley and Lucy with Kim and I: Tinker Town (or stinker town, when are kids are present)
Now, because I am especially skilled, I was able to be at two places at once.  Most humans can only manage one.  Not me.
I have proof:  While Tinker Town and Grand Prix are two separate venues at two separate locations, I - me, myself, managed to take pictures at both places.

Okay - the two places are just a few minutes away from each other so I hopped into the van and took some at Grand Prix as well.
Sorry Aquatic Centre-goers.... too far away, so you were not featured.

Many cars were driven.
Riley was pretty hilarious as she took a Sunday stroll in her convertible:  One arm casually around the back of the passenger, the other steering, while relaxing back in her seat.  Cuteness.

It looks like Cade is more focused on keeping his helmet on than driving.

These guys are pumped!  Yeah!
Tinker Town from the ferris wheel.
Yes, there are trees on the prairies.

Looks like Lucy might be having a good time.

After all the shenanigans, we regrouped at B and G’s for dinner.  Auntie Irm purchased an over-abundance of pizza that we all stuffed our faces on.  Regardless, we ended up with about 5 full pizzas left over! 
Kim and Maddy quickly hurried out though.  They were off for some horseback riding.  Maddy has never been (none of our underprivileged kids have) and Kim thought it horrendous.  It was her personal mission to fix this tragedy.  I wanted to join but thought it better to do some finally bonding and allow them some time as well.

Maddy was quite taken by horses as well as the little bunnies and immediately begged for both upon her return.
Partly it was a conspiracy against me thought up by the two of them, but I’m pretty sure a good portion of it was reality!

Now that was a lot of fun activity in one day.

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