Monday, July 18, 2011

canola and Maddy - a winning combination

For years (and years and years.... I am literally talking about 25 here) I have wanted to take pictures of someone in canola fields.
I love the bright, cheery yellow against the blue sky, and pictures of people in fields are pretty much always great.
Fifteen years ago when Eric and I moved to California from Saskatchewan, I began my obsession with photographing canola fields.  I was sure that he was taking me away from them for all of eternity - I was never to see them again.
I remember clearly (that says a lot as I remember next to nothing clearly) driving along with our trailer in tow, crying and taking all kinds of pictures, followed with repeatedly begging Eric to pull over and take pictures of me in them.  I’d give you evidence of this but it is packed away in the bowels of my mother and father-in-law’s attic.
Now, I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream (and apologize to Eric for all my tears and insistence on the photos.... he, uncharacteristically, remembered nothing of it.  Heartless.).
Here we were, on the farm, in the presence of the owners of the land and crop themselves - given full permission to shoot away.
I wanted to do all the kids separately and together but a) that was asking a whole lot and b) wanting to do it at sunset meant another late night - no thank you.  So it was Maddy and I (and the mosquitos) - which was, aside from those blood suckers, wonderfully magical.

 These next two I "antiqued" a little, just for fun.

To add to the perfect situation - Maddy, canola, sunset - was a full moon.  Now you know why I used the term magical. 

The only thing I would have changed (again, aside from the uninvited mosquitos.... aren’t they all supposed to live in Manitoba anyway?) would be making me a highly skilled photographer with superior equipment.   
Being who I am - Maddy’s mom, however, and having what I have is more blessing than I could ever ask for.... so maybe I wouldn’t change it after all.
Thank you Reimers and Maddy for helping me fulfill my dream.
And wow Maddy, you sure are beautiful.
I love you so much and am so proud of you.

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