Tuesday, July 19, 2011

at Bemidji - day three - noodles and ice cream

Amazingly after the first two days there we almost always had the pool completely to ourselves.  It might just be that the other people had figured out our routine and realized that times that might be good to steer clear of that source of refreshment.  Somehow 12 kids and sometimes a bunch of adults can clear an area like that pretty quickly.
Wonder why that is....

 With plenty of noodles, the adults became great floatation devices for the kids.

 In the afternoon, true to my word, we coughed up for ice cream.  Pretty decent deal though - $1 cones, with plenty of ice cream on each.

 One of my biggest thrills for the time there - all week - was seeing Cade on the bike.  He spent a lot of time riding.  After not having the opportunity to ride a bike for two years, he did his best to make up for lost time. 
 Part of me was rather sad though, realizing all the sacrifices the kids have to make because of the life we have chosen.  Most kids take having and riding a bike for granted - understandably so.  Because of what we are doing and where we are living, bike riding is a rare treat.   
Owning a bike to ride and having a place to ride is a thing of dreams.

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