Monday, July 18, 2011

the joy of mini wheats

Wheaties - the breakfast of champions?
Pish posh.
Look at these babies.
Mini-wheats with blueberries, strawberries and peaches.
Fresh, delicious peaches that drip juice into your cereal bowl.
In the words of Rachel Ray - Yumo!
Match this breakfast with a little bible reading, a little good book reading (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - recommended by Karen, confirmed by Glenda)
and this view
and you’ve got yourself a fabulous start to a fabulous day.
Not to mention that on this day I had already gone for a run - only 18 minutes, but a run none-the-less.
(this was back in Bemidji)

Back to the mini wheats.
I used to ask my mom to bring Canadian mini wheats to me when we first moved to California.  They are way better than American ones.
For any of you who have disputed me on this in the past and to put any current doubts to rest, I will now prove my point.
I submit to you this photo:
Wheats on the right - from a box purchased in the good ol’ US of A.
Wheats on the left - from a box purchased in my father land of Canada.
Right:  finer texture, tighter weave;  Left: courser grain, more loose 
And, as anyone knows, texture absolutely affects taste - mouth feel, they call it.
I also performed a blind taste test on myself and could immediately determine which wheat was made, bought and sold in which country.
So there (I say in my most mature I-told-you-so).
Irrefutable argument.

Now the day these were photographed was the day after Independence Day and five days after Canada day.....You can also enjoy being patriotic to whatever country while eating your breakfast of mini wheats (bearing in mind that they still should be purchased north of the boarder):
United States of America. 
 Not sure which country.
Now, mini wheats need to be eaten a certain way - regardless of their nationality.
You see, you only put 3-5 wheats in the bowl at a time.
The rest you keep on a plate, paper towel or clean table.
Then as you eat your 3-5 mini wheats that are in the milk in the bowl, you add more fresh ones.  
That way they don’t get soggy.
The problem with having as much fruit on it as I do is that you may misplace a wheat, in which case it would end up looking like this.
Then not only does it look yucky, but this jewel of the breakfast cereal turns into something only fit for the garborator (aka: garbage disposal   Garborator is to garbage disposal as kleenex is to tissue.  Its a Canadian thing.....).

Don't let this make you think that mini wheats are bad now, though.  All cereals get soggy.  Unless of course they have Clark Griswold's non-nutritive cereal varnish on them.

Looks like I taught my kids well.

So put away the Wheaties, people.  Mini Wheats can't be beat.

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