Monday, July 18, 2011

just the bees' knees

An unexpected delight of the Reimers’ canola fields were the bee hives.  They had two types - orange triangular ones for cutter bees out in the actual fields, and the multicolored box ones for honey bees in the peas on the outskirts of the canola.
I was drawn to those boxes immediately.
At first I didn’t realize that the box hives were in peas instead of canola, so I was a little disappointed in the discovery.  Bright yellow would be a much preferred setting that gangly and gnarly green, but I guess the honeys prefer peas.  They can have their way.

 While G assured me that sunset was a good time - bees are snoozing or at least less active then.  Getting awfully close to the hives and hearing the buzzing and seeing a few flying around made me question is assurances.  He was right after all.  There were only a few around and they were not very interested in me.  I still did exercise caution in my healthy and informed fear.

I love the colors and random set up of stacks.  I love the roughness of the wood and the mix up of colors.  And the man-made with the natural.
And the sticky sweetness of what was inside those hard, distressed boxes.

I could have and wanted to take about a hundred more pictures, but Maddy was patiently waiting for me, so I took it easy. 

 I suppose the reality is that one person can have too many pictures of bee hives anyway.
Honey, these hives were sweet!
(cheesy joke, I know....)

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