Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy Canada day!

July 1 - great day.
Filled with a bunch of loonies.
Yes, those loonies.  But also the loonies, as they are affectionately called, that are the $1 coins in Canada.
It was Canada Day!
Many preparations were made - mostly involving food, of course.
I always laugh when somebody tells me how important food is in their culture.  Does anyone know of a culture in which food is not important or even central to a celebration?

Watermelon - cut into maple leaf shapes - done by my sweet husband.
Yes, he's got skills.
And rollkuchen - the deep fried dough thing at the back of the plate.  
It's a Mennonite thing.
Most people dip them into corn syrup.  I like to dip it in homemade raspberry jam - my fav.  Currently I am dipping almost everything in raspberry jam:  rollkuchen, buns, hot dogs, carrots, asparagus. 
 Perhaps I am exaggerating.
Perhaps.It was simple fair, but absolutely delicious!
Then it was time to get tatted up.

Eric sportin' his Canada spirit.
I kept doing a double take every time I saw him, thinking he got his ear pierced.
I channeled my inner Indiana Jones student.
The original plan was to go to the big city (Winnipeg - a fly-speck in size by some people's standards) but we thought about the big crowds, the traffic and the prophesied rain showers and thought better of it.
So headed to my uncle Weigand and cousin Paul's land again.
Much, much better.
Why mess with perfection?
I thought the sign was kind of funny.

I'm kinda just letting the pictures speak for themselves, especially since I have to be outside while I do this, and the mosquitos have found me.
I need to go in hiding again!

A good time was had by all... but I think the hours in the sun must have gotten to Lucy's head.....

Or maybe she's just a little loony too.
After getting back to the house, having some pizza (delicious, homemade) and getting jammies on, we headed out for fireworks.
Being that we are in Canada, pretty far north, dusk doesn't occur until after 10:00 p.m.
Fireworks, therefore, do not occur at any godly hour for children.
We just went into it with a "well, it is Canada Day" attitude (coupled with a "we'll pay for this tomorrow" one).
The kids didn't seem to notice the late hour.

The fireworks?
Pretty lame.
But we had a good time anyway.  And it cooled down enough to have some hot chocolate.  I liked that.  And the kids loved all the glow sticks.  So all in all - a great evening.  A good end to a wonderful day.

The next day?
Yes, we paid.

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