Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shaving cream wars

On Monday morning Maddy and I headed into the big city, Winnipeg, for a little reunion time.  
On the way I decided I was sick and tired of Harriet, so Maddy changed the GPS voice to a man’s.  That was when Pierce entered my life.
Unfortunately Pierce doesn’t have the strong, manly, rugged voice I was hoping for.  
Note: Later when we left for the west (and south), Eric met Pierce briefly.  They didn’t get along.  So we compromised and settled on Paulina - the Spanish-speaking friend.  Why not work on our Spanish while driving, right?
So, I got to see “my twin” Tracey after years of separation.  We worked at Cedarwood, a Youth for Christ camp near Winnipeg, for four summers together.  We didn’t get to meet her husband, but simply fell in love with her son.  I stop my beating heart, he’s going to be a lady killer.
Later we lunched with two friends from childhood.
Carolyn was one of my first friends ever in life (My first transgression that I can remember was with her.  I lied and told her I was taking ballet lessons and I showed her some of the moves I knew.  She called my bluff and asked by parents.) and Denise (fondly known as “Wiener, Wiener the Social Conviener”) and I became friends in junior high.
It is alway great to hang out with them at catch up.  The only problem is that it happens way to infrequently.
After a brief bit of shopping (books for Mia) we returned to Brent and Glenda’s in time for Shaving Cream Wars.

 This type of day brings Eric to his knees and sends him into night sweats.
Why do anything that is going to make a mess and will most definitely require cleaning?  Why would you do anything, no matter how fun, if it is going to require work afterwards?  In his mind, it is simply the thoughts and ideas of imbeciles.
Kim bought 10 bottles of shaving cream for a little for each kid.
 Not much needs to be said for these pictures other than everyone and everything smelled like shaving cream for a good long time after.

 Maddy didn’t want to participate so after a while I decided that I should join, waiting until most of their shaving cream was all gone.
In true Carla-not-thinking style, I jumped out there only to immediately break the first rule of the war - no spraying in faces.  It wasn’t intentional... I got a little bumped, but I wasn’t not being very careful.
I’m a bad auntie as I got some s.c. (that’s cool people speak for “shaving cream”, kind of like “dope”, “phat” and that sort of thing) in my nephew’s eyes.
Sorry Jesse.
Glenda went to take pictures of the whole crew.  Mia seemed to think that I didn’t have enough shaving cream on me for the photo.

 I will say, regardless of Eric’s aversion to these activities, he will still help to clean up - he is usually the first to start and the last to finish cleaning.  That is quite possibly part of the reason he hates it so much - he knows he will spend a good amount of time being thorough.
 Bless him.
We had dinner at dad and Rose’s, along with Jodi and Jared and of course had to end with goodbyes.  It really is never fun to say goodbye to people you love.

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