Tuesday, July 19, 2011

at Bemidji - day five - forced floatilla

Our final day at the lake we had a forced flotilla.
No one but the female adults wanted to participate so it was a event under duress.  The kids ended up having a great.....    time of compaining.  Well, they had an okay time.  It wasn’t exactly what we hoped for - no “thanks for making us do something so super fun”.    They spent most of their time begging to switch modes of transportation.
Oh well, we tried.
 Cade did a great job paddling by himself.
 Kim headed up the canoe.

 I took a kayak.
 Glenda manned the paddle boat.
 Lucy jumped in a little way from shore and swam back.
 After all had retreated to the more enjoyable shores, Kim, Jesse and I continued to kayak for a while.  It was a highlight for me.  Lake kayaking is so peaceful and beautiful.  I love going through the rushes and lily pads, looking for turtles and seeing all the dragon flies busy flitting around.
It also gave Kim and I some good time to talk.   Wonderful to have that.
Later on some of us went swimming. 
 Some went critter dipping for minnows and beetles with Auntie Glenda. 

  I sat and read by the pool for a bit, enjoying a favorite childhood treat.  Lucy, being the generous gem that she is gave me her Double Lolly after I exclaimed that I hadn’t had one of those for a good 30 years.
Those things are so good, but be carefully not to lick it too much.  It can make for a sore tongue.
It was also rather enjoyable to watch Lucy and Riley pretend to be elephants as they ran around the pool.  
Then they were deer, mice, dogs and kitties, and any number of other animals.
 Eric also took them out later to catch crawdads, but without any luck.  When they bored of that, Cade took to his new plane, given to him by Jesse.  He worked for long time trying to get that thing to go, spinning the propeller around and around.  I think he had a few successful flights.
Brent, Glenda, Alex, Lauren and Maddy took off soon after to head back to Steinbach.  They had to pick Cole and Brooklyn up from camp the next morning (they left on Tuesday night).
We ended the night with a big screen movie - The Spy Next Door.  
That Jackie Chan’s got some moves.

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