Tuesday, July 19, 2011

back in CA

We made it; we’re here.
We finished our last meal on the road where we had our first.
Arrival time was around 3:15.
The ride was peppered with many songs and chatter from Lucy, lego sculptures from Cade, moments of lack of patience on my part, making Barbie clothes out of wet wipes and, saying sustained “Aaaahhs” through tunnels (and, as it turned out, every short little overpass in Reno).
And for those who wondered (probably none of you) Eric did buy some “gas station glasses” (‘cause he don’t care what the masses think about him) and to make it even better, he bought them at none other than the Flying J in Winnemucca, NV.  We have soft hearts for Winnemucca.
 We had our final meal on the road at the same place we had our first:
Choosing what to do and not do for our return trip to California was a struggle.  There are so so so many incredible friends that we would have loved to visit but time, money and energy, particularly on the part of the kids, did not allow.  Oh yes, don't worry, they had plenty of physical energy, but mental and emotional are completely another thing.
Meeting new people all the time - or people they have met but don't remember is definitely exhausting.  Being asked the same well-intended questions is draining for them, as is having their parents remind them over and over to please be on their best behavior.
Cutting out the B.C. portion of our trip (not to mention the many many people I would have loved to visit in Calgary - we could have spent days there) was terribly difficult to do, but we finally decided it was for the best.

Everywhere I have been I have loved going to. When we got to California, I thought, man, I want to move back here.  I really miss it and our friends and family so much.  Then we got to Manitoba and my heart filled up and I thought, the whole time we were there, I want to move back here.  I miss it so much.  It would be great to be close to my family again.  We finished visiting Briercrest in Caronport and I thought how much I would love to go back there and work.  Some of our friends were talking about a new program that Briercrest is doing with Miskoka Woods (christian camp).....  I’d love to go and work there.  And of course, farming.   Those of you who say you never would marry a farmer are quite silly.  I’m glad I , since Eric isn’t, but sometimes I wish he was one.... especially when he dons a cowboy hat and has a little stubble going (although I suppose that would be a rancher..... that would be good too).
Yet, all at the same time, I love Ecuador and am so glad we are there.
I started to self evaluate and I don’t really care to share what I came up with.  
Think multi-personality disorder or something of that nature.

 While it may be hard to see, we got all but 4 license plates on the way back (the picture is taken in front of Chris and Val's house, right upon the arrival).
We got South Carolina in the last half hour of our drive.
 We still are not sure about Alaska and West Virginia.... Cade swears that he saw both of them, so we'll go with that.

Within an hour of arriving, Cade was chomping at the bit to get his hair cut.   So cut it, we did.
The kids tried to convince him to do a mohawk with no budging on his part.  I took the liberty to do a reverse mohawk for a minute or two.
 Sweet look.
 While I was getting an extension cord for the clippers, Carson took scissors into his own hands.
And the after:
He looks less than thrilled, but really he was quite happy.
He's been rubbing his head a whole lot now.
Yes, he does look a little like the boy in the striped pajamas (great movie, by the way, although terribly sad).  I forgot what number guard I usually used on the clippers and went a little shorter than I usually would have....  Oops.
He's still pretty cute though, I must say.

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