Wednesday, May 18, 2011



There are several other nastier names I could use, but I will control myself.
Even if she does deserve it, she is one of our own.

Five days.
She ran away from home for five days.
We were worried sick.
Long, worry-filled days followed by eternal nights.

Then she has the gall to come back home, late Saturday night, and act as if nothing happened.
Even going so far as to try to gain more attention and sympathy for herself.
We are sure she is pregnant.
She hasn't come out and said it, but she has that look.
You know the one.

She's so young, and now her innocence is gone.

And the worst of it all?
She has fleas too!

That cat has caused us nothing but trouble and now we are sure we are going to have more of them.
What self-respecting feline would do what she did?
And knowing that we are leaving in a month.
We won't even be around to be there for the birth of these illegitimate children.

Okay, okay.
Our fault for not getting her fixed. 
(I blame Eric)
Our fault for not watching her more closely.
(I blame the kids)
Our fault for getting a cat in the first place.
(I blame..... Eric again.)

And we don't really know if she is "with child" (make that plural).
But her fleas are already becoming a real problem and I'm not real happy about it.
Research has shown that they are not that easy to get rid of either..... not sure where to begin.
As I am typing this, she is just sleeping on my lap, as if nothing is wrong.
Meanwhile I'm sure 50 fleas have hopped onto me.

The trials in life.
Not happy.

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