Saturday, May 28, 2011

media free day

This morning I declared the day to be a media free day.
(obviously that ended once the kids were in bed!!)

While there were a few moans and groans, everyone handled it quite well and even had decent attitudes for the majority of the day.

Maddy hunted through magazines for pictures for a collage.... for about five minutes.
 Did my hair..... for another five.
Took a nap for two and a half hours (that never would have happened without a media fast).
And read.
And helped me with dinner prep.
And complained a little.

The other three played most of the day with Cole, our neighbor and two other friends.
Here Cole and Mia are the judges for jumps down the staircase padded with mattresses, of course.
 And the jumps:  Lucy and the "jump'n'bounce".
I think she got a 8 out of 10.
 Cade and the "city surfer" - or maybe it was "ski town".
And then it was Cade and Lucy's turn to judge.
Mia's jump:  "the Kung Fu Panda".
Eric read.
I made two more dresses for Lucy.

It was a good day.

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