Thursday, May 26, 2011

hair - day 1

Remember this?  From here?
A few of the Casa G. guys ask me time and time again when I'm going to cut my hair like the wig.
I want to ask them if they are back on drugs or say something like "when that horrific tragical place that is burning in eternal flames turns into one of the northern islands of Canada", but of course I don't.  Generally I smile and say that I am thinking of cutting it in fall.
And I am.
Not like the wig, though.
While cute, sassy, stylish and youthful, a haircut like that involves work.
I am about as lazy as they come with hair.  I wash it, let it dry (sometimes at night while sleeping), usually brush it, and then have it up and down, up and down depending on my current activities or body temperature during the day.
I have always been more consumed with my laziness in personal care than appearance.  
Oh, that's not true - late junior high, early high school were definitely not like this.

I've always had hair issues....  
Constantly debating if I should cut it short or let it grow.  And throughout my youth, I think I cried every single time I got my hair cut.  Even if they only gave me a 1 centimeter trim.  I'm sure my family rolled their collective eyes when it was Carla's haircut day - knowing I'd be back in an hour, sniffling and crying "look what they did to my hair!"  I'm over it now.

Now, if I have a fancy event to go to, say that wedding the other week, I do my standard 3 minutes up-do that my friend Jenny taught me about three years ago, seen here:
Basically just a messy bun.

Boy, I've aged in three years.  Scary.
Maybe its the camera angle.

A few months ago I saw a video on YouTube where someone was demonstrating how to do some hairstyle.  I can't honestly remember why I saw it or how I came about it but it has stuck.
And its made me think.  It really doesn't take that long to do something a teeny bit nicer with my hair, right?  So I am doing an experiment.
I have 19 days before Lucy and I fly home to CA.
Each day, for those 19, I am going to do my hair a different way.  My accountability is this ridiculous blog that I can't believe anyone reads!  I'm going to post a picture each day.  Hope you don't get too sick of my face!
I figure that if I can make myself do it for 19 days, I'll get a real idea if I can work it into my routine (I use that word very, very loosely).  Then I'll either get really attached to doing my hair and having variety or it will instill in my mind my need to keep it simple and plain.  And perhaps it will show me that I should leave it long or cut it.

So, today is day 1 and here is my hair:
Yes, it is my bead-head.
I thought I would be feeling better by today, but I'm not. 

So day 1 is bead-head day.  Now I can't use that one again.
Actually, I kind of like my bead-head, to be honest.

Now, just a warning.  For those of you who are thinking that finally I am going to do something with myself, don't get to excited.
a) it might not stick
b) I'm sure there will be hairstyles that include a mere headband, hat or ponytail

Let's be realistic.
It's me we are talking about.

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