Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This is a wall in Maddy's room - a new addition.
I made the picture a little bigger than normal so you might be able to read it.
It is all verses.

Could anything thrill my heart more?
Let's see, a teenage girl who is, on her own initiative, surrounding herself with the Word of God.
Nope, not much can beat that.

Speaking of God - an overwhelming thought I had yesterday.
A friend and I were walking and talking about how easy it is to be out of touch with what is going on in the world.... unless we intentionally look at stuff on the internet, it is pretty easy here to be completely ignorant of world events.
Fortunately, we both did hear about Bin Laden.
As we talked, the thought hit me and I shared it with her, tears literally filling my eyes.
If he humbled himself and confessed his sins, even the very minute before he was killed, he would be in heaven.
Can you imagine?
Many people wouldn't even want to believe that - they would be angry that he would not be severely punished for all the evil that he has done.
"That's not fair - he doesn't deserve heaven!"
And that is absolutely true.
He wouldn't deserve it.
But that is Mercy that we can't possibly understand.... getting unfathomable good when we deserve unimaginable bad.
None of us deserve it.  
Any sin is enough to separate us from God.
He is Holy and can't be with sinfulness - but He loves us so much, He loved Bin Laden so much, that He died and took the punishment for him, for us.
All it would take is a humbled heart and eternal freedom would have been his.   
And ours.
That is crazy Mercy.
That is unbelievable Love.
That is our incredible God.

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