Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the beach for the moms

Look to the right:
Look to the left:
Now in front:
No one around but us.
Relaxation at its finest.

Last week Wednesday I headed off to the beach with some other women.
A little mother's day treat.
We all have amazing husbands who not only are totally okay with us going but actually encourage it.

While going to the beach is great, I was far more thrilled to have some time to be with these friends.  Life is not like college anymore (hasn't been for quite some time, come to think of it!) and friends aren't just around the corner, so there is a need to be purposeful.

Can I just tell you how blessed I am?
Husband who lets/encourages me to go.
Beach fairly close and quite cheap.
Amazing friends who are fun, godly and like-minded.

We all read, talked, rested, ate, prayed, walked, played bocci ball and scrabble and watched a few movies.  That's about it.
The most eventful thing that happened was finding this very large crab.
He like to play peek-a-boo.
Look at those beady little eyes!
Oh, and I stepped on a rusty nail.
Don't worry - didn't puncture the skin.  I just got a bruise at the bottom of my foot that I pretended wasn't there.

This was the view from our porch.
I had to make sure I included that picture because I wanted to show you how safe the place is.
That gate?  They locked it every night, without fail.
Made us feel very secure..... as long as we ignored the fact that there wasn't a fence around the place and you could just hop down two feet to the sand!

Renae, me and Marlo.

I'm pretty much living the dream....

I go back to the beach again tomorrow.

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