Friday, May 27, 2011

sports award banquet

Last night the school had an award banquet for all of the middle school and high school sports teams.
We found out about it on Tuesday and then found out on Thursday afternoon (the day of the banquet) that it was for families.
We are still trying to figure out if Maddy didn't know that it was for families or she just didn't want us to know!  We went, none-the-less!

I ended up going even though I was feeling pretty yucky still and I am so glad I did.
At first I was regretting it because I started feeling worse after a while.
But then it happened....

When Maddy's team was called up for their awards, I asked Eric to take some pictures for me.
This is what he did:
I could have done that!
So, he trounces on up to the front to get some real shots.

All very well taken, yes?
Even though they are completely out of focus I quite love them because of how he did it.

My darling husband, to the entertainment of us all and the complete and utter mortification of our lovely daughter, walked up ON THE STAGE, right in front of everyone, stands right in front of her and takes some pictures.  And I believe he even kept a straight face while he did it (he was smiling pretty hard on his way back to the table though!).
I can not tell you how hard we all laughed.
I can not tell you how embarrassed she was.

It was an absolutely glorious evening.

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