Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spanish bible study

This morning, right after dropping the kids off at school, I went to my first Spanish bible study. The mom of one of Lucy's friends has been asking me to come with her for some time now and I finally did it.
I was a little chicken.
Or a big chicken, as it were....

It was great.
I really enjoyed it.
I even understood a lot of it!!

I want to make sure that I keep going even though it is intimidating, because it is so good for my Spanish.
And of course the content of study is fabulous.
So I am inviting you, actually requesting you, to keep me accountable to going, okay?

The only problem with going to this bible study was this:
All the other ladies:

I was glad that I "dressed up" by wearing a nice t-shirt and a cardigan instead of my typical long sleeve t with a short sleeve t over.
Most definitely the most "casual" of everyone.
As great as this culture is, I'm not sure I can quite get used to the nice dressing.
The clothing part I can sort of handle.
The shoes?
Forget about it!

Sorry about the lousy layout - no clue how to fix that either. Maybe Lindsey can help again??

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  1. HAHA! You're so cute, Carla!

    You just have to play around with it, I think. That happens to my posts sometimes, too. Sorry that's not much of a help, but hey, at least I fixed one of your problems, right? :)

    And you're totally gorgeous no matter what you're wearing!!!

    Praying for you all!! Love you!