Wednesday, December 22, 2010

movie night with friends - Dec. 20

Several weeks ago, two friends and I started talking about the movie "White Christmas" and how very much we loved it.
We decided at that point to do a White Christmas movie night.

The original plan was to borrow Youth World's video projector and have the movie outside at the Jensen's house..... invite a bunch of families, have popcorn and other snacks, etc. and indulge in the sheer delights of the classic Christmas musical.

Since it has rained and been freezing cold for the last two weeks it was decided that it most definitely needed to be moved indoors.
We were going to host, but another family really wanted to....
I thought to myself "But I really really want to be able to clean up my house, be stressed over having everything ready, play perfect hostess and then clean up all the mess afterwards."
But, being the kind, sacrificial and thoughtful person that I am, I reluctantly gave in and allowed the Tassy's to have their jollies hosting the event.

It wasn't really part of the gig, but we decided to go in pajamas.

Well, some of us did.
Eric and Maddy didn't want to participate in that aspect.
Truth be told, Eric didn't want to participate in any aspect.
But he did!!

These pictures are on our way out the door.

Everyone brought snacks.

There was a lot of popcorn.
I'm thinking that everyone thought that they should bring popcorn because everyone else would bring Christmas baking.
Most everyone brought popcorn.
Including me.

But I brought caramel popcorn (and chocolate dipped marshmallows).
Count on me to bring the stuff with the most sugar!

Now, as you will remember, the event was to be a White Christmas deal.
As you can see in the above picture, we are indeed watching White Christmas.
We put it in even though there was a great uprising from all the kids.
No, no, no.... that's boring!
(Even though I don't think any of them, save my children, had ever seen it before. And my kids have always loved it and wanted to watch it... that is until their friends, who haven't ever seen it, told them how boring it is....)

But we still watched it.
For five minutes.

Since no one could hear it (we have no idea why - all the techy type people - no, not me - tried everything, but it was really quiet), we were forced to put on Elf.

I love Elf.
Completely different category than White Christmas, which I also love, but it really was a great movie to watch with the kids.
They laugh so hard and it is so fun to watch them watch it.

That is Cade watching the movie.

The only bad thing about watching Elf is trying to hold your tongue -
trying not to say every line along with it.

Why is it so irritating when people sing or talk along to the movie, but so fun when you do it yourself?

We went home, much, much too late having enjoyed a wonderful evening with wonderful friends.
And I didn't have to clean up a thing!

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