Wednesday, December 1, 2010

cookie making - Dec. 1

A Merry Christmasy Season....

And so our Christmas activities begin.
I still haven't made our family a nice advent calendar - I'm not as good about doing things for our family as I am for others.... I've made advent calendars for several friends but never one for us... bad mommy.
In the meantime, we will stick with paper chains.

First, our new, lovely wreath on our door.

I made it with a cardboard base (of course, what else would I use?); wrapped it in white felt and then hot glued pieces of felt that I folded over.
Fluffy and snowy.
It makes me happy.

Well, anyway, today's activity was making cookies (tomorrow we decorate them).
Wednesdays have turned out to be busy days - the three youngest go to Awana after school and Maddy has a youth group type thing.
So no one gets home until around 6:00.
Fortunately, since they are all gone, I have time to get dinner in the oven and make cookie dough ahead of time.

When they got home from all the activities, dinner was almost ready and I was just starting to roll out their individual hunks of dough for them to cut out.
Maybe I'm not such a lousy mom after all.....

Ah - 'tis the season of peace, love and joy -
as evidenced by the four children,
harmoniously working side-by-side,
enjoying siblinghood and the making of Christmas cookies,
along with a side of Christmas cheer.

So industrious.
So content.

(such an almost-teenager...
Maddy is on the phone while she works.)

And the first day of December is complete.

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