Saturday, December 18, 2010

more Christmas activities - Dec. 15 & 17

Since St. Nicholas Day is the same as Quito Day, we celebrated late.
We usually read the history of St. Nick - how he was a good man, helped others and loved Jesus.
Then we watch a Santa Claus movie of some sort and then, in the tradition of the Dutch, they put their shoes outside their bedroom doors.
"Santa" or St. Nicholas.... or his representative, puts some treasures in the shoes.
This year is was a bouncy ball, two one-dollar coins and a big chocolate Santa.
I think maybe next year I should wash the shoes first...

Yesterday, Friday, the last day of school for the year, was a half day.
And it was all parties.
More on that later.

Because it was a half day, and the kids went to bed very late the night before (School Christmas Concert.... more on that later, too), and they got all amped up on sugar at their parties, we had a kick back kind of afternoon.
The activity as to move the couch around, make our cozy little nook, and watch a movie, lay around and generally be lazy.
I made some chocolate caramel popcorn (with left over choc. and caramel from other treats I've made previously.... yes, I gave them more sugar...stupid, stupid)
Our neighbor boy joined us in watching "Jingle All the Way" - a fairly lame Christmas movie that filled the need for a movie we haven't seen often.
It also filled the need for an activity that would not cause the kids to go into fits of negative emotional expression -
aka: complete and utter breakdowns.

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