Thursday, December 2, 2010

cookie decorating - Dec. 2

Activity for today:
decorating the cookies

We planned it so that we could decorate them with the boys that came over for dinner tonight.

Cade and Mia were very serious about their work.
Just look at that concentration.

Alejandro took his work quite seriously too.
Okay, well, actually no, it just looks that way.
He was rather creative.

Two of his creations:
a punk angel
a green hairy chested gingerbread man with one eye
Personally, I think the gingerbread man could use a large gold medallion necklace to go with his hairy chest, and an eye patch for his other eye.
But hey, that's just me.

I took many other pictures but it is so stinkin' dark in our dining room that the pictures are pretty lousy.
I could have reset the iso, but I was too lazy.
I also don't remember how.
(the story of my life....)

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