Sunday, December 26, 2010

it happened

It happened.
It really did.
She did it to me..... she turned 13.

I'm none too happy about it, but I guess I'll have to deal.

For birthday breakfast she wanted cinnamon buns.
That means yeast.
And they turned out!!!
And they were yummy even.
I'll have to blog about that later.

We went to church, and I'm so glad - it was a message I needed to hear.
After church it was present time.
The girl wanted a hair straightener.
Eric thinks her hair is straight enough.
But she got one anyway
because her mommy loves her.

Then she got "The Book".
Well, she got the draft of the book.
There are still a few letters and pictures that I am waiting for, so I couldn't do the real book.
I just printed off all the letters that everyone sent and put them together.
It is so amazing what everyone wrote to challenge and encourage her.
I was so touched.
And I think she was as well.

We splurged and went to T.G.I.Friday's.
Yes, there is one here in Quito
and it was GOOD.
Extremely pricey
but GOOD.
My littlest (okay - well, youngest, but she ain't the littlest!) and my biggest.
We took the Casa G. boys, who didn't/couldn't go "home", along.
(It was an eye-opening experience having them along. Two of them were very overwhelmed by it all - how expensive the food was, they type of food, the amount of selection, the environment.... They were very cautious not to get anything too expensive. After lunch we debated whether it was good or not having them along. More than anything it made me realize how extravagant our living can be and how paying for one meal with 9 people is more than money than some of these boys have ever really seen.
This could be a whole long blog in itself, so I better stop now, before I really get started.)

Moving on...
Of course there was singing - even in English (kind of - as Maddy said!) and even the regular complimentary birthday cake.
Maddy had the best seat in the restaurant.

We were going to go to the TeleferiQo - a gondola thingy that is supposed to be pretty cool.
But we were all so pooped - even Maddy said that we shouldn't bother going.

By the time dinner came, none of us were hungry yet - so we went straight for the cake.
But first...
I gave the three kids each a can of spray string to attack the birthday girl.
The fourth kid, pictured below, got a hold of one of the cans too.
Maddy was able to make herself a lovely birthday bonnet with all the string.
Yes, okay - only eight candles.
Once again, I stink as a mother.
The birthday girl.
My teenager.

I am blessed.

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