Wednesday, December 15, 2010

snowman party - Dec. 14

Another mom - the host of the swimming party at the beginning of the school year, and the pumpkin party at Halloween - asked me to help her throw another party for Christmas.
"Why, absolutely!", I said.
(Forgetting to both pray about it and ask Eric first....
it all turned out okay, but I did promise to do that before making commitments...
I think the excitement got the better of me.)

So we had a Snowman Party for Lucy's class and a few other friends.
Lucy the Snowgirl.

Mari, the other mom, led a game of the ever popular Freeze dance.
Notice Cade, in the orange, busting a move.
He was throwing out all kinds of his new breakdance moves.

I led a snowman craft: a dangling snowman ornament (found at Family Fun).
It went a little crazy.... because there were several more kids than anticipated.
We were expecting 15, I prepared for 17 and we had 19.
I think they liked it regardless....
and I quickly cut out more felt circles and stuff.... so it was all good.

We had snacks.
I should have taken a picture of the mess under the table.

Had a used book exchange.
You may notice my kids on the sidelines....
Lucy on her kindergarten teacher's lap, Mia at their feet and, Cade on a chair.
We don't have a whole lot of books.
We gave most of the them away when we moved.
Only the most valued and treasured made the journey -
so no used book exchange for us.
Don't worry though, the school has a great library, so they are not lacking in reading material!

We took pictures of them all in a snowman cut-out I made.
More cardboard, of course.
I painted the scene and then attached red felt for the hat and scarf, big pom poms for the hat and the buttons, and sticks for the arms.
The sticks had a little trouble cooperating.....

And of course, snowman cupcakes.

I was stumped for a while as to what to use for the eyes and mouth.
No mini chocolate chips in this country.
But then, thankfully, I remembered that I brought along black food coloring!
Tooth pick as a painting utensil and vo├Čla, eyes and mouth.
The scarves are cut up sour worms, because you can't get fruit roll-ups here.
Fruit roll-ups are much easier to work with!

Their faces look a little robotic and scary.
The kids didn't seem to mind - or even notice.

I also should have taken a picture of all the remaining cupcake bottoms.
Mostly just the first quarter inch of cake - you know the part with the icing attached? - was consumed.
I guess they only like to eat snow.

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